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Panamax recently launched their campaign manager Katch under the Mobile Financial Solutions division MobiFin. MobiFin Katch is an analytics driven omni-channel digital customer engagement platform allowing telcos, banks and fintech companies to increase penetration and adoption of digital financial services to enhance the customer lifecycle value.

Katch will provide solution capability to telecom operators, banks and fintech companies looking to design and execute campaigns, hence improving their revenues and profitability. The product aims at encouraging users to complete a project lifecycle right from ideation to gathering analytical data and subsequently increasing ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). Additionally, customers will also gain market advantage over the competition, greater return on investment and opportunity to change the campaign model. MobiFin Katch allows the users to configure campaigns and offers use cases for various types of users involved in the ecosystem like subscribers, channel partners and merchants.

Further elaborating about Katch, Chief Operating Officer at Panamax, Manoj Jain said, “A dedicated campaign manager is an important addition to our elaborate product portfolio. Be it running analytics over campaigns, setting up targeted campaigns or implementing & monitoring complex campaigns, Katch does it all. Our focus has always been to maximize the profits for our customers and I am delighted that we are able to be a comprehensive provider.”

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