Pana Mining Holding Group Updates on Arizona Mines Permits

Pana Mining Holding Group representatives are continuing their efforts to secure permission to break ground at former Rogers & Co. site.

Following their recent announcement of the acquisition of the rights to 80 acres of mineral leases in the state of Arizona from Rogers & Co., Pana Mining Holding Group Corporation are currently persisting in their efforts to secure permission to commence deep excavation at several key points on the property.

As they reported earlier, a number of geological surveys conducted by respected mining groups and independent geologists have confirmed the yield potential present in the near-8 million ounces of gold which at current spot gold prices would make the value close to $10 billion.

Crucial to the gold processing operations is an ample supply of water which is in short supply in the immediate vicinity of the lease. Pana Mining Holding Group is engaged in negotiations with a local water company to supply our processing plant with a suitable quantity of water.

Devansh Garg, Chief Executive Officer at Pana Mining Holding Group says, “We are in Arizona this week to meet with officials from ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality). We’ll be presenting them with further empirical evidence and independent appraisal of our various ‘Green Gold’ ore processing technologies which, thus far, they’ve been very receptive towards.”

Construction of Pana Mining Holding Group’s continuous water flow system which is able to purify and then re-use water used in ore processing is already underway in anticipation of the award of the required permits.

“Testing of the system was completed recently at one of our operational mines in South America and we think it will prove very useful here in Arizona once production begins,” says Mr. Garg.

Source: Pana Mining Holding Group Corporation


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