Pana Mining Holding Group Reports Progress on Latest Clean Gold Processes

Pana Mining Holding Group is in the throes of completing final testing on three new clean gold processing systems.

Pana Mining Holding Group Corporation is pleased to announce that it is completing final stage testing on three new clean gold processing systems that it expects will pave the way for acquiring a permit that will allow it to conduct major gold processing operations within the state of Colorado.

The state is home to 30,000 abandoned mines, many of which are inactive on account of a ban introduced by the State to forbid the use of toxic chemicals like cyanide and mercury that have traditionally been relied upon for processing gold.

It is possible for these chemicals to seep into groundwater beneath the surface creating a poisonous hazard for plants and animals as well as potentially contaminating water supplies used by towns and cities many miles away.

Pana Mining Holding Group’s latest “Green Gold” processing systems show a notable improvement on the company’s existing systems currently in operation elsewhere.

“According to the Colorado School of Mines, for every ounce of gold processed in the State of Colorado, 10-20 ounces remain unutilized. The problem is that the State won’t grant permits to companies that use toxic chemicals to process the gold. If our test results meet our expectations - and there’s no reason they shouldn’t - it would represent an extremely lucrative opportunity for our company,” Devansh Garg, Chief Executive Officer at Pana Mining Holding Group.

“The sheer volume of gold present in these mines and in tailings left over from operations in the early 1900s is phenomenal. Being able to process the ore and the tailings safely without harming the environment make this a very exciting proposition for us.”

Pana Mining Holding Group will provide regular updates on the progress of its final stage testing as and when they become available.             


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