Pana Mining Holding Group Receives Notification of ISIN

Pana Mining Holding Group announces that its shares have finally been allocated an ISIN code.

Pana Mining Holding Group Corporation announces that its shareholders are now able to identify their stock using its recently allocated ISIN or International Securities Identification Number.

The number is PAL2401071A5 and can be used with immediate effect. The allocation comes months since the company’s original application was submitted to the Bolsa de Valores de Panama.

The Panama-headquartered gold mining and exploration company has enjoyed an eventful year in which it has continued to focus its research and development efforts on the improvement of its environmentally-considerate gold processing systems.

At the same time, it has actively pursued joint ventures and lease acquisitions that provide it with the opportunities to deploy its “Green Gold” processing technology in real world situations.

Devansh Garg, Chief Executive Officer at Pana Mining Holding Group says, “This is a welcome development for the visionary investors who have committed financially to driving our ambitions to set a new benchmark for environmentally-conscientious natural resource companies.”

Pana Mining Holding Group applied for its ISIN purely as part of its desire to conform to global standards for securities registration and to ensure that shareholders’ interests and entitlements are internationally recognizable.  Nonetheless, some shareholders have expressed concern that the application for and allocation of the ISIN could be a prelude to a stock market floatation.

Pana Mining Holding Group is dedicated to further developing our clean processing technology systems and the ongoing acquisition of under-utilized leases and properties,” says Garg.


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