Pagos Transforms Spreadsheet Calculations Into Flexible APIs With SpreadsheetWEB 4.8

​​​Pagos announces the release of SpreadsheetWEB 4.8 – a self-service platform that turns spreadsheet calculations into API-driven web applications. 

The way that we interact with data is changing. While other sophisticated tools have made their way to the market, most business professionals prefer using Microsoft Excel for all of their data processing due to its reliability and extreme ease-of-use. Of course, the detriment is that the tool is file-based, creating a de-centralized network. Converting these data silos and spreadsheet calculation engines into server-based processing engines – accessible via easy-to-use APIs – means flexible connection options, controlled access, and thanks to server processors; increased performance.

Transforming complex spreadsheet calculations into flexible APIs saves IT departments from generating large amounts of redundant code and helps improve development life-cycle.


Typical enterprises have numerous, complex spreadsheet models. Instead of wasting time re-coding the calculation logic that is already built into those models, organizations can simply move them into a collaborative, secure, self-service API platform. Using API-driven architectures, everyday professionals can turn these spreadsheets into scalable service-based applications that can be integrated directly into their IT operations. SpreadsheetWEB supports more than 300 worksheet formulas, user-defined functions, and – thanks to the RESTful API – developers can connect their spreadsheet models to their existing applications using their native languages, such as .NET, Java, JavaScript, and PHP.

Conveniently, the software comes with cloud, private cloud, and server licensing options. Businesses with proprietary data models can choose to deploy SpreadsheetWEB on their servers and keep everything in-house.

“API-oriented application development is gaining momentum in the software development community. SpreadsheetWEB combines spreadsheet-based calculation engines with the power of service-based architecture. Transforming complex spreadsheet calculations into flexible APIs saves IT departments from generating large amounts of redundant code and helps improve development life-cycle.” points out Ugur Kadakal. “Expanding data tools create new ways for businesses to collect or interact with data. We make sure SpreadsheetWEB is always fully integrated with the latest tools.”

By empowering businesses in their everyday processes and operations, SpreadsheetWEB eliminates expensive and time-consuming programming practices. From finance to insurance, construction to healthcare, all organizations can automate their calculations securely with SpreadsheetWEB

About Pagos, Inc:

Pagos, the makers of SpreadsheetWEB, is a leading technology provider, delivering software solutions and services to clients in various industries. SpreadsheetWEB is a groundbreaking software package that allows non-technical business users to create, maintain and manage complex, enterprise-level, web-based applications. Pagos is located in Cambridge, MA.

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Pagos develops software solutions and provides IT consulting services to clients in various industries. Our solutions empower companies to manage and control their business logic.

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