Outdoor Advertising Association Partners With ACCESS Event Solutions and Blue Bite to Introduce Smart Badges at National Convention

OAAA embraces sensor-fusion to engage event attendees throughout the annual conference

OAAA badge and mobile experience

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), trade association for the out of home (OOH) advertising industry, partnered with ACCESS Event Solutions, an event technology company, and Blue Bite, a digital experience engine, to deliver interactive engagements to attendees at the 2017 OAAA/Geopath National Convention + Expo from May 15-17, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Each conference badge was enabled with dual-sensor technology. Attendees tapped their phones against the NFC-enabled badge to receive conference materials, contextual content and real-time information, including the event agenda, local weather updates, social media feeds and nearby restaurants.

At the same time, through the RFID antennas in the badges, attendees received a personalized welcome on large media screens as they entered the venue. Names and companies were featured in a flap display on the screens, providing a unique interaction for each attendee.

“This new experience at the industry’s largest annual gathering highlighted innovative capabilities that can be applied to today’s OOH campaigns,” said OAAA’s Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Freitas. “Some of the most influential industry leaders saw first-hand exactly how OOH can use technology to connect with consumers in the real world.”

“ACCESS Event Solutions is excited to be part of a great digital experience for OAAA attendees, merging our expertise in RFID laminate manufacturing and RFID tracking technology with Blue Bite’s ability to create an exciting and engaging experiential activation,” says Seth Sheck, CEO of Access Event Solutions. 

During the first two days of the conference, the badges had a mobile engagement rate of 3.4% and a Secondary Action Rate (SAR) of 86%, while the media screens displayed a total of 10,194 names on the display boards, with an average of 7.7 scans per badge.

“Any physical object can become ‘smart,’ with the integration of a technology like NFC and the power of our platform. The smart badges at the National Convention allowed the attendees to become more engaged throughout the event, and enjoy a richer user experience. We’re delighted to bring the first such experience to this annual event,” said Mikhail Damiani, CEO of Blue Bite.

About OAAA

OAAA is the national trade association for the out of home (OOH) advertising industry. Founded in 1891, the association represents more than 90 percent of the US industry based on revenues. OAAA is dedicated to leading and uniting a responsible OOH industry committed to serving advertisers, consumers, and communities. The OOH industry generates $7.6 billion annually in ad revenues and donates more than $500 million in space each year. For more information, please visit www.oaaa.org.

About ACCESS Event Solutions

ACCESS event solutions is revolutionizing the live events industry by providing advanced credential systems that solve modern security concerns. Founded in 2002 as a manufacturing and design firm specializing in backstage passes, ACCESS has evolved into the industry leader for RFID integrated credentials, creating endless opportunities for functional enhancements that make event management easier and more secure.

Mission Control™, a modern, digital credential and asset management system from ACCESS Event Solutions, solves problems well-known to event organizers: Sending and receiving request forms; staying on top of inventory levels; organizing lists of approved credential holders; updating changes; communicating approval status; logging pick-up status; managing real-time location capacity; planning for catering needs; and integrating it all with RFID technology. Mission Control is the solution to the “who can go where” problem, including RFID access control.

All ACCESS products can be integrated with other event software, whether ticketing, cashless, or experiential, to create operational efficiency for event organizers. Custom manufactured laminates and wristbands with advanced security features can be paired with Mission Control and other software, providing a comprehensive solution for any event.

ACCESS Event Solutions – Wristbands – Laminates – RFID – Access Control – Request Forms

About Blue Bite

Founded in 2007, Blue Bite is a digital experience engine that delivers contextually-aware content through smart objects. With its patented technology, the Company enables organizations to acquire and retain customers more effectively, by enhancing product value and improving consumer experience. Blue Bite streamlines the creation and delivery of relevant, dynamic, digital experiences through conditional logic, all while garnering real-time analytics to measure impact and amplify value.

For more information, please visit www.bluebite.com and follow @bluebite on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Blue Bite is a digital experience engine that delivers contextually-aware content through smart objects.

Rachel Furst
Director of Product Marketing, Blue Bite
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