Our Path Forward: iConnectEngineers™ is Changing How Engineers Connect

iConnectEngineers™—where engineers can connect, share, integrate and lead. Together, we can improve our communities and make the world a better place.


​iConnectEngineers, a full-service digital marketing company geared toward the engineering and technology industries, has expanded its diverse product offerings and revamped its website to better meet the needs of clients.

“We are passionate innovators and problem solvers with a wealth of experience and strong technical expertise, helping companies succeed in the new phase of technological evolution, where the Internet will be fully integrated into every part of our lives,” said Keely Badger, chief digital marketing strategist at iConnectEngineers. “We stay focused on your company’s story, listen carefully to fully understand your needs, while inspiring trust, loyalty and overall work performance in your business.”

"We stay focused on your company's story, listen carefully to fully understand your needs, while inspiring trust, loyalty and overall work performance in your business."

Keely Badger, iConnectEngineers™

The company’s primary focus is on web design, content marketing and brand management. “We leverage data, insight and action, empowering engineering and technology companies across all disciplines to strengthen their brands and build value,” said Badger.

Through the power of strategic partnerships, Badger said iConnectEngineers™ creates and curates informative and professional content to provide expertise and impactful problem-solving skills and resources. Its media platform serves as a global hub for conversations about innovation, industry trends, leadership, work-life integration, professional development, STEM, social impact and more.

iConnectEngineers™ was founded by a team of engineers who felt a void in their professional lives having to fit into the mold of being traditional engineers. Perhaps as a rebellion against the status quo, they recognized the real possibility of being an entrepreneur, leader, visionary, forward thinker and mindful engineer all at the same time. “Every intention starts with an idea. Ours was simple: to connect,” said Badger. “We began working to create an online platform to connect engineers through exceptional storytelling, putting them and their experiences at the center of the conversation.”

iConnectEngineers’™ mission is to use engaging content, creative design, and smart campaigns to bridge the worlds of business, marketing and social innovation with a primary focus on the engineering and technology industries.

Fostering collaboration and innovation, iConnectEngineers’™ connects professionals by taking a holistic and mindful approach to marketing and branding.

The company also takes pride in the fact that its client support team stays up-to-date about current and future trends in the industry.

The founders have put together a strong team to help communicate this vision to transform how engineers connect, view and share content. The hope is to create an environment where it is possible to unleash an engineer’s mind and spirit for creativity and compassion at every level and become global engineers, breaking down silos and moving away from a “fixed” mindset to a “growth” mindset.

With a strong social media network, engagement and audience reach, the company’s core strategy is to connect engineers to ideas, opportunities, news, and other information through exceptional content.

“The engineering profession is currently going through a tremendous evolution with retiring baby boomers and the coming-of-age for Millennials where engineers are no longer just filling the traditional mold,” said Badger. “Even by just making a small difference in the engineering culture, it has the potential to inspire both males and females to climb onboard in the future and move out of isolated digital experiences and into the 21st century.”

The company predicts that these trends will have a major impact on the economy and society in many ways over the coming decades.

iConnectEngineers™ also supports organizations and innovative initiatives that are committed to advancing the global community in the spirit of humanity and basic human rights. “We believe when engineers connect, share, integrate and lead, we can improve our communities and make the world a better place,” said Badger. “iConnectEngineers™ is deeply committed to corporate responsibility initiatives through community engagement, diversity and environmental sustainability.”

Let’s Connect, Share, Integrate, Lead.

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