OSP Unveils EHR-Integrated Telehealth Portal for Urgent Care Delivery

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) survey says that chronic diseases are causing 7 of 10 deaths and account for 86% of US' healthcare costs. Top-notch healthcare provider solutions like 'Telehealth' have been growing rapidly and has shown to reduce the cost of healthcare and improve efficiency through effective chronic disease management. OSP engineered an advanced telehealth portal to streamline urgent care delivery. 

Renowned healthcare IT solutions provider, OSP has successfully engineered an EHR-integrated advanced telehealth portal while maintaining the necessary HIPAA and HL7 standards. They seamlessly integrated with bespoke EHR and practice management system to maintain and monitor patient health efficiently. OSP managed to build a next-gen secure data warehouse to identify, analyze, and to document the received clinical data. The in-built medical claims management module helped to maintain medical bills for reimbursement and made the system truly comprehensive. 

OSP's HIPAA-compliant telehealth portal strives to optimize the patient-provider interaction from the comfort of their homes. From quality healthcare delivery to secure clinical data transaction, this platform transformed how physicians and patients interact every day, anytime, anywhere. This made-to-order solution promises effective remote health management with smart modules to book an appointment, upload and download health reports, consult specialty doctors, and medical billing without the hassle of visiting the actual clinic.

About OSP:
OSP is one of the leading custom healthcare software solutions provider company in the US. They help healthcare providers, payers, and billing companies by building tailored healthcare software solutions such as healthcare integration solution, population health management solution, medical claims management, healthcare IOT solutions and more. 

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