OSP' Advanced Payer Billing System to Enhance Revenue per Billing

OSP Launched Advanced Payer Billing System with Versaform Integration

With a massive surge in the number of patients under the umbrella of US healthcare the currently practiced medical billing and claims management systems are being stressed even at their maximum potential. The VersaForm Practice Management Solution works as middleware in processing claims. The routed access to billing and claims data through a third-party system is outdated and quite time-consuming. OSP has helped a healthcare provider by replacing the existing Microsoft Access based system with a web-based application hosted on the cloud.

OSP' expert team successfully engineered a responsive and cloud-powered system that uses Versaform integration to support multi-specialty EHR. This system can employ VersaForm as a middleware connected with the database to process claims. Assured with next-gen HL7 integration capabilities, the system can utilize EDI 837, EDI 835 to transfer medical claims data from multiple systems into a single system and streamline entire claim management with claim audits, remittance, secondary claim process and claim submission.

OSP applied EDI set to transfer claim information from multiple systems connecting providers, payers, and billing companies. The process of patient registration, claims submission, day sheet billing, and payment schedule was optimized to simplify the process of automatic database synchronization to the direct payment. OSP' HIPAA-compliant intelligent payer billing solution promises to reduce the bill handling time with quicker claim processing, a reduction in claim errors, and a significant decrease in the claim denial ratio.

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OSP is a recognized leader in custom healthcare software solutions. They have pledged to transform the quality, security and operational efficiency of healthcare delivery through payer solutions, medical billing solutions, medical coding solutions, healthcare IoT solutions and more. OSP' tailored healthcare technology solutions have enabled customers to achieve excellence and superior care delivery.

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