OSP Labs Accelerates Claim Processing Workflow Through Claim Data Management Solutions

Medical claims processing is one amongst the three core elements of the value-added insurance chain. One primary avenue of fostering medical claims processing growth is by robust claims data management solutions. OSP Labs engineered a real-time medical claim data management solutions to enhance medical claim management by study and evaluate the claims data to judge its suitability for further processing.

"Paper-based manual claims data management is time-consuming and requires additional efforts. The need of an hour is to accelerate the medical claims management procedure workflow with real-time tracking of medical claims status while maintaining the necessary HIPAA standards."

OSP Labs has successfully created a real-time medical claims data management solutions while maintaining HIPAA compliance backed by AWS cloud hosting. We replaced paper-driven claim data management system with a single and shared interface to track the rejected claims and documents automatically. Our web-based medical claims solution allows uploading the outstanding claims status, timely alerts of respective medical claims to the providers, upload document, add valuable feedback or update status.

OSP Labs' tailored medical claims data management software solutions enabled the client to make self-service claim inquiry and regular follow up on rejected claims. The 'claim follow up report' generation, reminder algorithm and advanced data management with robust data security and compliance are the major takeaway points of OSP Labs' made-to-order claims data management solutions. It helped the client to accelerate the medical claims management process and reduce claim denials with inbound claim analysis.

About OSP Labs:

OSP Labs is a dedicated healthcare solution company. We provide made-to-order software, applications and tools on a mission to redefine the entire continuum of healthcare. From process automation to AI care delivery, our solutions enable organizations to renew their business processes while gaining integration competency. We have helped many healthcare organizations with the automated medical billing system, healthcare provider network management, medical claims management solutions and more.

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