Ortho RTI Partners With Amp Recover for Upcoming Clinical Trial

AMP Recover announced this week a new partnership with Ortho Regenerative Technologies Inc. (Ortho RTI, CSE: ORTH, OTCQB: ORTIF) for an upcoming clinical trial. Ortho RTI's team of clinical researchers will use AMP Recover's orthopedic management platform to deliver rehabilitation protocols to patients and monitor their progress throughout the study. 

"We are excited to be working with AMP Recover on this initiative; their technology will allow us to standardize clinical rehabilitation pathways throughout the study as well as allow us to monitor patient progress from a distance," said Claude Leduc, President & CEO at Ortho RTI. "We are working with some of the nation's leading surgeons and clinicians for our U.S.-based Phase I/II rotator cuff tears repair clinical trial, and using the latest digital care delivery, compliance monitoring and data capture technology was of the utmost importance to us as well," he continued.

"Enabling clinical research that will ultimately improve orthopedic care is central to our mission, and we are elated to work with Ortho RTI on this innovative project," AMP recover CEO David Nichols said. "AMP Recover is well-suited to this type of study as it allows researchers to manage the participants' rehabilitation remotely and ensures protocol parity across the cohort."

The AMP Recover platform leverages digital and mobile technologies to virtually deliver high-quality orthopedic rehabilitation. By engaging patients in their recovery and continually monitoring their progress throughout the episode, caregivers receive actionable insights that enable timely interventions and ultimately help achieve positive outcomes. With a constant connection between patients and their care teams, healthcare organizations improve patient satisfaction while reducing costs, creating value for all stakeholders. 

Ortho RTI is a clinical-stage orthobiologics company dedicated to the development of novel therapeutic soft tissue repair technologies to dramatically improve the success rate of orthopedic and sports medicine surgeries. Ortho RTI RESTORE technology platform is a proprietary muco-adhesive Chitosan-based biopolymer matrix, specifically designed to deliver biologics such as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) or Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC), to augment and guide the regeneration of new tissue in various musculoskeletal conditions. Ortho-R is a lead Chitosan-PRP hybrid drug/biologic implant combination product, formulated and designed to increase the healing rates of occupational and sports-related injuries to tendons, meniscus and ligaments. Other formulations are being developed for cartilage repair, bone void filling and osteoarthritis treatment. The proprietary Chitosan-PRP combination ORTHO-R implant can be directly applied into the site of injury by a surgeon during a routine operative procedure without significantly extending the time of the surgery and without further intervention. Further information about Ortho RTI is available on the Company's website at www.orthorti.com. 

Source: AMP Recover