AlineaPT Selects AMP as Technology Partner for the Well(th) Initiative

Innovative wellness and performance program delivered to tactical and industrial athletes via cutting-edge technology

Alinea PT AMP

AlineaPT and AMP announced a new deal today that will see AMP’s platform incorporated into Alinea’s Well(th) Initiative that delivers wellness and performance programs to first responders, industrial personnel and municipal workers. The platform will also enable AlineaPT to further their data collection, analytics capabilities, and research efforts.  

An innovative physiotherapy and wellness company, AlineaPT was founded to connect the gaps in traditional health and wellness delivery that is often compartmentalized and treats issues in isolation. Through their Well(th) Initiative, AlineaPT takes a holistic approach to employee health, wellness, and performance, specifically among first responders, industrial workers and other municipal personnel. 

“We knew we could not continue to look at the human body and at people through just one lens and pretend that rehabilitating one part of the whole was sufficient to create lasting change—change that would serve our clients for a lifetime,” explains AlineaPT Co-Founder Greg Propst. “So, we created a new line of thinking using a dynamic, integrated model of physiotherapy, biomechanical assessment, sports performance training, nutrition, and wellness to help our clients move, feel, live and perform the way we are all meant to. The Well(th) Initiative came about through years of collaborative discussions with first responders and city officials who identified a dire need to improve the healthspan of their personnel, reduce injuries and approach municipal cost savings in a preventative way.”

Content delivery and patient engagement were of paramount importance as AlineaPT sought a technology partner for the Well(th) Initiative. Propst continued, “In today's technology-based world, we know the attention of our clients is being pulled in an ever-increasing number of directions, we have a significant amount of content we want to share with our clients as we work with them in a stepwise manner to better understand optimal health and their need to be an active participant in the pursuit of health and longevity. We considered building our own platform, but connected with AMP's product and their people and quickly realized AMP met our needs and is willing to be responsive to our future demands.”

AMP is the first health and human performance platform built specifically for providers serving the industrial workforce. AMP’s suite of web and mobile solutions modernize care delivery in the workplace, equipping service providers with digital tools to assess worker fitness, document incidents, mitigate injuries, and produce reports on the well-being of individual employees and the employed populations. The platform provides critical business intelligence to both the service providers, as they engage employees on their wellness journeys and demonstrate the value of their services, and the employers as they monitor the overall performance of their organization. 

“AlineaPT has developed an amazing program in Well(th) Initiative, and we are thrilled to support their ambitions with our platform,” said AMP CEO David Nichols. “Their hybrid delivery model of on-site personnel empowered with management technology aligns with the high-touch, data-driven approach we envision for successful organizations in the future. We are always thrilled to work with the first responders frontline workers that sacrifice so much for their communities.”

Source: AMP