OpenBots RPA Tool Suite Releases Studio Version 1.8

OpenBots Launches Business Center with New Studio Version 1.8

OpenBots Team Releases Studio v.1.8.0

Zero-bot licensing RPA+ platform OpenBots Inc. announces Studio v.1.8 release.

Version 1.8  release coincides with the launch of two new products: OpenBots Assistant and the OpenBots Business Center public preview. 

The Business Center is the core product for Human-in-the-Loop automation by creating work items and approvals for business users to perform alongside their automations.

"The Business Center has the ability to create custom websites, and forms for both integral and external user submission allows for the triggering of automations in direct response to user input," said Cameron Herwig, OpenBots Product Development Lead. "Overall, v1.8.0 is a leap forward in the business user experience in the OpenBots platform," said Herwig.

Another product within Studio that is business user-centered is the OpenBots Assistant, which has replaced the OpenBots Agent. It's focused on simplifying the overall automation experience for non-technical users.

Studio version 1.8 has a new suite of commands that will help users save time, like setting the state message of a queue item during processing and encrypting queue item payloads and their attachments for secure processing.

OpenBots aims to democratize robotic process automation to make RPA more accessible, enabling enterprise-grade organizations to scale by combining zero-bot licensing with usage-based cloud orchestration and on-premise solutions.

The OpenBots development team constantly updates and upgrades Studio commands, features, and other enterprise-grade automation tools.

Users can easily select an error in the error pane that immediately takes them to the source location. The newest OpenBots Studio version can also perform validations automatically when attempting to publish or execute a process.

Developers can now set and retrieve the exceptions from the catch and throw commands inline rather than through the builder, saving more time.

Other Commands Added:

  • Security Commands: Allows the compression, encryption, hashing, signing, and packing of structured data and files.
  • Privacy Commands: The de-identification, re-identification, and obfuscation of PII in structured data can be accomplished through this package, with support for custom PII detection expressions.
  • Authentication Commands: Generates temporary one-time passwords and the generation of secure passwords with set criteria.
  • Azure Authentication Commands: Access both certificate and password secrets in your Azure Key Vault using these commands.
  • Salesforce Commands: Manipulate files and records in your Salesforce instance and for the execution of reports and SOQL queries.

OpenBots has a heavy release schedule with new product launches planned out for the rest of the year. Users can expect the automation capabilities to expand every few weeks.

For more information on the OpenBots platform, request an automation consultation, or see our full release notes.

Contact us at or call at (646) 216-7541.



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