OpenBots Documents With GPT is a Game-Changer for the Intelligent Document Processing Industry

OpenBots launched its new upgrade, Version 2.1, a fully integrated and bundled Business Automation Platform suite with robust Intelligent Document Processing with GPT, along with its core Robotic Process Automation suite.

The OpenBots' team Launched Version 2.1

OpenBots Documents with GPT, Version 2.1, is redefining the intelligent document processing (IDP) industry landscape. The OpenBots team launched their new upgrade in a private event, showing their unique approach of combining existing machine learning components and Microsoft Azure's GPT technology.

"OpenBots Documents with GPT replaces traditional and proprietary ML models and training interfaces by utilizing Large Language Models like GPT and LLaMA as next-generation AI Technology to extract and classify information. OpenBots Automation and Documents allow digital workers to extract data from structured and unstructured documents and use them in line of business applications," said Ashish Nangla, CTO at OpenBots. 

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) has been widely fragmented for several reasons. Most vendors use proprietary machine learning models that require significant implementation and training, but even with that effort, the accuracy and effectiveness of most IDP products are simply not there. Some vendors have tried to focus on industry segments or sub-segments to train their ML models more effectively, which has increased accuracy levels. Still, the introduction of OpenBots Documents with GPT changes everything.

"The reaction to the tool has been amazing, and the technology makes such an impact that we would like to share our platform with everyone in the business. We have scheduled virtual events to share how different industries utilize OpenBots Documents with GPT. I invite you to join us and try the tool yourself," said Jason Dzamba, Director of Media Relations at OpenBots.

The new OpenBots 2.1 uses Microsoft Azure's GPT technologies to extract and analyze data from documents such as invoices, contracts, and forms. OpenBots Documents is used in various industries, including healthcare, finance, legal, banking, and other institutions with a high volume of document transactions. 

"A process that used to take months training IDP models is now reduced to minutes, and the accuracy increased to over 95%. This is amazing! We are extremely proud of our leadership and development team for being proactive by providing the necessary implementation plan for this new AI technology that is already disrupting the industry," said OpenBots' CMO, Gilberto Marcano.

OpenBots offers a free 30-Day trial for users who want to test the technology with their own documents. Plans start at $99 per month for individual users, $999 and $1,999 per month for medium and larger companies.

Source: OpenBots

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