OOCCI Smart UV Sanitizing Robot Map & Vacuum - Deeply Clean Your Floors

UV light/High-efficiency mopping/Smart mapping & navigation/Cleaning system/Automatic recharge/Ultra quiet

OOCCI Smart UV Sanitizing Robot Mop & Vacuum

The OOCCI Smart UV Robot vacuum is designed for floors overwhelmed by dust and germs.

With the OOCCI smart UV sanitizing robot mop & vacuum, people can easily clean almost every nook of the floors, yet they will not have to do anything besides press the power button. People will be able to spend a little more time with their family or do other things.

The vacuum features four unique UV sanitizing LEDs that can effectively kill viruses, bacteria, staphylococcus and more. The UV light automatically turns on to sanitize the floors every time the robot vacuum is started. It has a safety detection system inside that the UV lights will automatically turn off once the safety height line is reached. This complete cleaning system tidies floors thoroughly.

The integrated and complete cleaning system makes the robot vacuum work for the house in a four-stage cleaning manner, including "cleaning, sanitizing, sucking and mopping", which removes stubborn stains on the surface of the floor thoroughly. The robot vacuum can deal with the cleaning tasks which are done by four cleaning units, saving more money for people.

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Source: OOCCI