ARROWMAX SES PRO - the Largest Funded Screwdriver Campaign Overfunded by 4000%

SES PRO: A Smart Electric Screwdriver with Motion Control

Hong Kong - Arrowmax, a Red Dot award-winning smart control electric screwdriver, launches on Kickstarter.

On May 25th 2021, Arrowmax launched their latest electric-powered screwdriver that is easy to use and commanded by the direction you twist your wrist.

Created by established Hong Kong based Arrowmax, the SES PRO is designed for household tasks and the inbuilt micro-processor helps to create extremely precise and accurate motion through complex and accurate algorithms.

"SES PRO can be used for the disassembly and assembly of small furniture, tables and chairs, 3C products like computers, consumer electronics, communications devices; and toys, radio-control cars, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), etc.," said CEO Yin Liu. "Our tools and products are developed to empower people to take charge with the simple turn of a wrench or twist of a screwdriver."

The SES PRO is equipped with a 32-bit microcomputer chip, a three-axis gyroscope and an OLED high-definition digital dynamic display. Featuring a comfortable ergonomic handle, rechargeable lithium battery.

(500 mAh) and supports a full spectrum of stem and bit sizes. SES is equipped with 34 different screwdriver heads to handle varying types and sizes of screws.

SES PRO is available to pre-order on Kickstarter until July 24th 2021 and already reached the initial goal of HK$ 80,000 (Approx $10,300) within minutes and is one of the highest crowdfunded screwdriver's. Learn more here:

About Arrowmax

Arrowmax is mainly engaged in high-end products for high-end customers in the professional remote control model car industry with a high reputation across the world. It has worked on projects from Marvel Studios and has won the 2017 Hong Kong Emerging Brands Award, 2018 Asia International Invention Gold Award, 2018 Hong Kong Awards for Industries Consumer Product Design Award (Hong Kong Awards for Industries Consumer Product Design Award) and 2021 The German RedDot Innovative Product Design Award (Innovative Product Design Award).

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