Once Part of Vogue's USA List of Top 25 Fashion Stores in the World, Casablanca, Celebrates Its 32 Years as the Main Influencer of Fashion in Latin America

This year, the store's anniversary coincides with the Milan Fashion week and it celebrates its 32 years of existence along with its potential to reach the Top Ten Position. Carlos Dorado: "We have passion for fashion, and it has brought us to where we are today. Casablanca celebrates its 32nd anniversary of being a reference in the Latin America fashion world and has the potential to compete on the biggest international fashion stages like Via Monte Napoleone in Milan."

Tiendas Casablanca, Caracas - Venezuela.

In 1988, Caracas was accepted as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Latin America. Italcambio Group started its fashion venture in 1988 when it acquired an old house ideally located on Castellana Avenue; an exclusive neighborhood in the heart of Caracas. The group transformed the property into a prestigious 3 level store and named it after the immortal movie “Casablanca”. The purpose of this project was to give the Venezuelan people access to important high-end brand names and open Caracas to the prominent European fashion world.

The store effortlessly combines old colonial architecture with modern open space layouts. The magnificent 2,000 square meters of main area is accentuated with wide gardens and imposing tropical plants, where palms, mango trees, vines, and paradise birds are all part of the spectacular setting. This location remains one of the most commanding buildings of the city, and many brands have used it as a stage for tropical-themed fashion shows, including Prada, Dolce & Gabanna, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Valentino, and Moncler.

Italcambio Group invested decades into developing the image and purpose of “Casablanca”. The simplicity of the name engraved on a pristinely white wall, three meters above ground, is the entrance to this incredible reality, where trends, architecture and tropical nature all coexist and complement each other beautifully.

The mind and execution behind this vision is the sales and image director: Gabriella Maria, who for 32 years handled the responsibility of choosing designers, collections, architectonic conception, store branding, gardens, just to name a few. She has overseen every single detail to achieve the visionary idea of Italcambio Group, she has mastered the smallest details, like the two imposing “Great Danes” wandering the gardens with their selfless posture.

“We have created an oasis, with a unique tropical style, surrounded by the force and beauty of nature, fashion and vanguard; in an inspiring, contemplative environment, where you breathe peace and harmony. Where you can practice yoga with the best professors, enjoy a natural juice of exotic tropical fruits, read or simply observe the latest trends from the fashion giants. I believe that it’s only passion, that you can make dreams come true,” concludes Gabriella Maria.


Source: Grupo Italcambio