Italcambio Group Envisions a Green, Sustainable and Zero-Waste Lifestyle for Their Next Real Estate Development in the Fashion Capital, Milan

Milano Living Green, a development project focused on green sustainable architecture, is currently in the works by Grupo Italcambio in Milan (Italy). The concept of the building revolves around minimizing the negative impact on the environment and conserving the natural setting of Lambrate, an upcoming area known as "The New Brooklyn" of Milan.

Living Green, Milano Italy, Lambrate

​​Grupo Italcambio, a company founded 72 years ago, owns several companies around the world and ventures beyond banking, with a presence in many different industries, including real estate. The group will develop their new venture through one of its affiliates: Aspen Inmobiliaria. They seized the opportunity to contribute to the growing avant-garde trend in the Lambrate area, a “Milanese Brooklyn” known for its contemporary and artistic feel. The charming galleries, exhibitions, and lofts make this location ideal for the conceptual project envisioned by Carlos Dorado, the vice president of Grupo Italcambio. In one of his interviews, he states, “In an area like Lambrate, where you breathe and live trendy avant-garde​ sensations, right there in the fashion and design capital of the world, we couldn’t make just another real estate development project; we had to create an architectural, green, sustainable trend, a project where nature takes center stage, promoting harmony between the people and their habitat, where plants, trees and humans coexist, living in the city like in the countryside, minimizing the negative impact on the environment.” 

The group is following the footsteps of a renowned, award-winning, Italian architect who is famous for his twin towers called the “Bosco Verticale - Vertical Forrest”. Milano Living Green's architect, award-winning Marco Savorelli, converts 4,500 square meters into two 60-apartment buildings, surrounded by balconies, trees, plants, amidst ponds, gardens, and open space for yoga and sports. The masterpiece combines urban life with nature by contrasting vast green spaces in the middle of a metropolitan city. We no longer have to choose between living in the city and being surrounded by the harmony of mother nature. Grupo Italcambio addresses important environmental issues by offering efficient renewable energy and water conservation with sustainable water usage and recycling. All materials are meticulously chosen to reflect the focus on waste management and environmental sustainability. They are dedicated to combining an appealing aesthetic with the morals of living a waste-free and eco-friendly lifestyle. 

This new project of Grupo Italcambio comes to join other successful real estate projects they accomplished in Madrid (Spain), Miami (USA), Bahamas, Caracas (Venezuela) and Guayaquil (Ecuador) and manifests the company’s aim towards sustainable building.

Source: Grupo Italcambio

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