OKYUNSUN Patent & Design Group Has Developed a 'Zipper Sensor' for the Security of Your Belongings

In today's "IOT era", even zippers now have sensors. Security is needed to protect personal belongings like luggage, wallet, and other portable bags.

​​ OKYUNSUN Patent & Design Group (www.okyunsun.com) has announced the development of a patented zipper sensor that notifies users through their mobile device when a zipper is opened or closed. 

In today’s society, a lot of public concern has been voiced regarding the exposure of personal information. While many developments have taken place in regards to online privacy and the protection of personal information, there have not been many leaps in the advancement of protection of physical personal property. 

In fact, losing personal belongings such as bags, suitcases, and wallets can sometimes be even more important. And we see this happening quite often. 

OKYUNSUN Patent & Design Group recognized this problem of losing important documents or items and developed a vibration and pressure sensor that can be attached to your personal belongings. 

The zipper’s sensors react to pressure when gripped and vibration sensors, along with mobile notifications, alert users when a zipper is gripped. Also, distance trackers notify users when they are too far from their belongings. 

There are multiple scenarios that could come into play and the zipper can be customized to just notify when the zipper is opened or gripped. This is entirely up to the user. 

There has been a lot of distrust in today’s society and people lack confidence in each other because of theft. With this zipper sensor, people can be united in preventing such thefts. 

OKYUNSUN Patent & Design Group

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