Oktopost Rolls Out a Redesigned Platform for B2B Social Media Management

Oktopost has updated the platform's look & feel and navigation. Together with the new UI, the company has created its own design system.

Oktopost new UI

Oktopost, the only social media management and advocacy solution architected for B2B, has rolled out a new design for its platform. Oktopost has updated the platform’s look & feel and navigation. The sub-navigation was moved from the top of the page to the sidebar, next to the main menu – to clean up the rest of the screen for a focused, uninterrupted working environment.  

Together with the new UI, Oktopost has created its own design system, a set of reusable components and standards that can be utilized to build all future elements of the interface. One of the main advantages of having an in-house design system is how it affects the production cycle. With all design elements ready at hand, the Oktopost development team expects to build an interface for new features much faster. ​

“One of the key concepts of UX design is to use patterns that people already know. We didn’t want to invent new things that might disrupt the user's natural behavior. It’s the opposite, actually: you can find left-side navigation in so many apps today,” said Noya Bar Guy, Product Designer at Oktopost. “We didn’t want to keep the old UI just because people got used to it, we wanted to make it better. I believe that it will be an easy transition for our users because the new interface organizes the platform features in a more intuitive way.”

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About Oktopost​​​
​Oktopost is the only social media management platform that is architected for B2B and B2C considered purchase companies. Founded in 2013 by B2B SaaS veterans, Oktopost enables marketers to manage and publish content at scale, measure valuable business metrics, integrate social data with their marketing ecosystem, and amplify social reach through employee advocacy. To learn more about how Oktopost helps enterprises reach their B2B goals with the power of social, schedule a personal demo on our website.​

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About Oktopost

Oktopost is an all-encompassing B2B social engagement suite that empowers modern data-driven professionals to fully manage and optimize social media.

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