Oktopost Releases Latest Eloqua Integration to Enrich Lead Profiles With Social Engagement Data

Oktopost, a social engagement platform architected for B2B enterprise marketers, today announced its latest integration with Eloqua, providing real-time intent data from social media

Social media has grown increasingly critical to the buyer journey, representing 55% of the educational phase among B2B buyers, and 84% of the influence on purchasing decisions among CEOs and VPs. In order to help B2B marketers leverage lead activity on social media, Oktopost has released its latest integration with Eloqua’s leading marketing automation platform.

The combined strength of two best-in-class technologies offers B2B marketers enhanced visibility into every touchpoint across email, website, and now, social. Together, Oktopost and Eloqua provide marketers with an abundance of social engagement data, including link clicks, mentions, likes, shares, comments, and most importantly, conversions. Using this advanced layer of psychographic data – delivered in real-time – marketers can optimize their lead profiles in Eloqua, and gain richer insights into their prospects’ overall interest and intent.

“The recent enhancement to the Oktopost-Eloqua integration solves one of the top challenges plaguing today’s CMOs: siloed social data. Besides collecting insights from website, email, and CRM, CMOs need more intent data to be able to attribute and spend budgets effectively. Thanks to the wealth of social intelligence provided by Oktopost, Eloqua users will gain the insights they need to build smarter programs and grow their revenue,” says Daniel Kushner, CEO at Oktopost.

After all, the more data B2B marketers have into their prospects’ social journey, the more effective they can be in nurturing, scoring, segmenting, and attributing leads within Eloqua. More specifically, they can use the data within Eloqua to:

  • Understand social conversion rates, and attribute revenue to social media.
  • Target leads with hyper-personalized content based on their social media engagement.
  • Build a scoring model that prioritizes social media touch-points, and in turn, drives more qualified leads.
  • Accurately attribute demand generation to social media activities – and give social the credit that it deserves.
  • Segment audiences according to their interactions with social content.

“Our investment in strengthening the Eloqua integration is sure to provide B2B marketers with the most pertinent and up-to-date knowledge of their prospects’ activity across different social networks, profiles, and campaigns. This data, coupled with Eloqua’s cutting-edge platform, will accelerate the results of existing programs and drive positive ROI,” says Liad Guez, Co-founder and VP Product at Oktopost.

To learn more about Oktopost’s marketing automation integrations, and see how enterprises and B2B marketers can leverage the technology for a connected marketing cloud, check out our integrations page

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Oktopost is the only social media engagement platform that is architected for B2B enterprises. B2B marketers use the platform to manage and publish content at scale, measure business performance, and integrate social data with their entire marketing ecosystem. Oktopost helps companies reach their B2B goals with the power of social, we invite you to schedule a personal demo.

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