Oktopost Releases GDPR-Compliant Social Media Management Solutions to Customers

Oktopost released comprehensive services and robust privacy & security protections to ensure its customers comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Oktopost, the only social media management platform that is architected for B2B enterprise companies, has announced its commitment to helping customers prepare and comply with the new GDPR regulations.

On May 25, 2018, organizations around the world–not only those in the EU–will be expected to comply with a momentous privacy law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By placing extensive restrictions on how companies collect, store, transfer or utilize personal data of EU individuals, the GDPR aims to put the control back in the hands of consumers as they gain greater transparency over their private information.

Oktopost welcomes GDPR as an opportunity to deepen its commitment to social media, which has ultimately become a critical marketing channel for driving brand awareness, lead generation, and customer loyalty. Despite the tight regulations, Oktopost recognizes that social media marketing is less likely to be affected by GDPR due to the fact that audiences can use their personal social channels to freely engage with companies at any given time.

As companies embark on their journey to comply with GDPR, Oktopost is dedicated to taking the necessary steps to ensure customers are fully prepared for the new obligations and requirements presented by the legislation. These steps include: performing an organizational review of all personal data processing within the company as well as providing internal training to increase company awareness and improve customer support.

“At Oktopost, our customers’ success equals our success. As part of the GDPR preparation, we are determined to go above and beyond to ensure the protection of our customers’ data and our customers’ customer data by providing all the necessary training, support, and tools,” says Daniel Kushner, CEO at Oktopost.

To learn more about how Oktopost is helping customers bridge the gap between confusion and compliance in regards to GDPR, check out the Oktopost GDPR Compliance Center: https://www.oktopost.com/company/gdpr.

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Oktopost is the only social media engagement platform that is architected for B2B companies. Oktopost customers use the platform to publish large-scale content, engage with audiences across various networks, and measure results from engagement to lead generation. To learn more about how Oktopost can revamp your social media marketing, schedule a live demo.

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