Oktopost Partners With Votigo to Unleash Interactive Marketing Campaigns for B2B Enterprises

Oktopost unveils its new partnership with Votigo, offering customers an all-inclusive social media promotions solution to drive forward their lead generation efforts.

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Oktopost, the only social engagement platform designed for B2B enterprises, announced its new partnership with the leading social media promotions platform, Votigo. With this partnership, Oktopost customers can create interactive content campaigns, while monitoring their performance directly through Oktopost, thus driving greater social media ROI.  

As a SaaS platform designed for building social media promotions at scale, Votigo allows marketers to create highly engaging marketing campaigns across social, mobile, and web channels. Having 10 years of experience with world-class companies, Votigo is a one-stop shop for customizable contests, sweepstakes, polls, quizzes, and more, providing marketers with numerous approaches to engage new and existing customers.

B2B marketing is shifting away from 'dull web forms' to interactive content experiences. To help our customers adapt their social media strategy, we're thrilled to introduce them to Votigo. With this partnership, our customers can enjoy the best of both worlds - unlimited options for creating engaging promotions with Votigo, and powerful lead tracking capabilities with Oktopost.

Liad Guez, Co-Founder and VP Product at Oktopost

This partnership emphasizes Oktopost’s commitment to offering B2B companies an all-encompassing social engagement platform, which now includes the added value of running interactive content on social. Any time a campaign is launched within Votigo – be it sweepstakes, contest, or quiz – Oktopost simultaneously opens a matching campaign, allowing marketers to track full performance from engagement to lead generation, and revenue.

As with every social media activity in Oktopost, marketers can effortlessly share Votigo campaign results with their marketing automation platform, ensuring a seamless solution for improved data portability and reporting.

“Empowering our customers to build relationships on social media at scale is our number one goal at Votigo, which is why we are pleased to partner with a like-minded company, Oktopost. Together, we can help marketers open the door to fresh ways of communicating with customers to ensure their business goals are met,” says Mike La Rotonda, Co-CEO at Votigo.

Beyond increased website traffic and engagement, Oktopost’s new social promotions solution, powered by Votigo, allows marketers to garner new leads and exponentially increase revenue through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.

To learn more about the Oktopost-Votigo partnership and discover how B2B marketers can utilize these cutting-edge solutions for stronger lead generation and increased social ROI, we invite you to schedule a personal demonstration of Oktopost.

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Oktopost is the only social media engagement platform that is architected for B2B companies. Oktopost customers use the platform to publish large-scale content, engage with audiences across various networks, and measure results from engagement to lead generation. To learn more about how Oktopost can revamp your social media marketing, schedule a live demo.

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