Oktopost Partners With Leading Marketo Digital Service Partners to Increase Marketo Value and ROI

Leading Marketo Digital Service Partners sign with Oktopost to offer cutting-edge social media management and employee advocacy services

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Oktopost, the B2B social media management and employee advocacy platform, today announced it is partnering with leading Marketo Digital Service Partners – Hileman, Digital Pi, Kapturall, Position2 and Marvel Marketers – to enable additional services to Marketo customers. Based on the Oktopost-Marketo native integration, Marketo Digital Service Partners will be able to enhance the value of Marketo’s Engagement Platform by uncovering a whole new set of social activity data, for higher value and increased ROI.

"I speak for everyone here at Oktopost when I say that we are truly excited to start new relationships with key Marketo Digital Service Partners,” says Oktopost CEO Daniel Kushner. “The Oktopost Social Data will enable our 'Marketo Digital Service Partners' to improve lead data sets. For the first time, Marketo Digital Service Partners will be able to accurately attribute lead sources and enable businesses to personalize the content based on prospects psychographics from social media. I have full confidence that the Oktopost - Marketo Digital Service Partners will greatly increase the value and ROI of Marketo’s Engagement Platform.”

"We work closely with our LaunchPoint partners and Digital Service Partners to continuously create more value within the Marketo Engagement Platform," says Shai Alfandary, VP Business Development at Marketo. "The new partnerships between Oktopost and our leading Digital Service Partners enable our users to take Marketo to even greater heights. With the trove of social data Oktopost is able to provide, our customers can exponentially increase the value and ROI they are attaining from the Marketo Engagement Platform."

The Marketo and Oktopost platforms, known for their data-driven focus on marketing, work together to bring customers into the era of the Engagement Economy. With this new trove of social lead data, Marketo users will be able to exponentially increase the capabilities of their existing Marketo instance.

“Oktopost has allowed us to extend our mar-tech stack to include cutting-edge social media management and social advocacy as well as appending critical social data into Marketo,” says Brett Colasanti, Managing Partner, Hileman Group. “This data enables us, and our customers, to understand the full buyer journey across multiple digital channels from web, social, email and mobile. A definite must-have for your mar-tech stack.”

“We are pleased to partner with Oktopost to help our customers take advantage of Oktopost’s Marketo integration to measure the ROI of their B2B social media investments,” said Tom Grubb, Chief Strategy Officer, Digital Pi.

By teaming up with Oktopost, Marketo's Digital Service Partners can provide clients with a new set of services, to increase the value and ROI of their existing Marketo instances.

“We were searching for an integrated, easy to use social media platform designed for our B2B clients,” states Niraj Swarup, Managing Director, Position2. “Today, Position2 can spend more time on creative strategies, while the Oktopost platform automates campaign execution, tracks the contribution and performance of organic social content, and scores Marketo leads for engagement, enabling us to accelerate the buyer’s journey, by combining Oktopost's organic social inputs with all the paid media details from our proprietary platform. Our clients will greatly benefit from the improved lead conversion and velocity.”

Among the many new possibilities with the Oktopost-Marketo integration, MSP’s can help clients increase the value of existing lead nurturing, scoring and attribution programs, by adding social activity data to the Marketo Engagement Platform.

“We are excited to partner with Oktopost to bring social media management to the forefront of our marketing automation and ROI metrics methodology. As we formally launch our social media strategy, it is critical we have the right tools in place to properly measure the ROI of our efforts through real business metrics. The ability to tie social ROI and lead data back to Marketo is going to be huge for us and our clients,” said Maneeza Aminy, CEO, Marvel Marketers.

In addition, marketers can connect social media to company goals by bringing social analytics into Salesforce, for increased visibility and accessibility. By creating dashboards based on social activity, companies are able to show which channels are bringing in the highest value.

According to Jose Tarzian, CEO, Kapturall: “As a Digital Marketing Agency, this exciting new partnership with Oktopost will enable us to broaden the technology stack we offer our customers and bring us new service opportunities. Having used many social media management tools in the past, I can confidently say that Oktopost is light-years ahead of the pack. Social engagement and conversion tracking are now seamlessly integrated with our Marketo platform and CRM, enabling us to properly measure social as part of the lead generation funnel. We have absolute confidence our customers will greatly benefit from using Oktopost as their social media management platform.”

To learn more about Oktopost’s Marketo Engagement Platform integration, and see how enterprises and B2B marketers can leverage the technology for a connected marketing cloud, we invite you to schedule a personal demonstration.

About Oktopost

Oktopost is the first solution to establish the ROI of social media for B2B companies, bridging the gap between social media and lead generation. Oktopost customers use the platform for distributing large-scale content marketing campaigns through social media and effectively measuring its business value.

About Hileman Group

Hileman Group is a group of smart, talented, passionate people who work at the intersection of Marketing, Creativity, and Technology. We are dedicated to always defining and executing the best-integrated solutions for all our clients' needs.

About Digital Pi

Digital Pi is composed of marketing and technology experts focused on helping companies get rapid, meaningful value from marketing automation and related digital marketing technologies. Our clients include startups coming out of stealth mode to some of the largest global enterprises deploying marketing automation strategically, and everything in between.

About Marvel Marketers

Marvel Marketers is a global strategy, marketing automation, and business intelligence consulting company serving both Enterprise and SMB customers. Founded by a former Senior Enterprise Marketing Automation Consultant in Marketo's Expert Services Team, our team of consultants has grown to include past Marketo clients, web designers, Salesforce.com experts and an epic team of Partners.

About Kapturall

Kapturall is a Digital Marketing Agency specialized in Marketing Automation. We help companies take advantage of technology to generate demand and increase sales. We are professionals in marketing: very focused in sales and business, with a strong inclination by the technology.

About Position2

Position2 accelerates demand through integrated Content Marketing, Paid Acquisition, and Marketing Technology solutions. Our solutions are mapped to buyer's journey across touch points such as search, social, mobile, media and email, and are powered by cutting-edge Content creation, web development, analytics, and marketing automation. A wide range of companies, from startups to Fortune 500s, covering numerous vertical markets, rely on our marketing gurus, engineers, data scientists, writers, and designers, to rapidly deploy and scale integrated marketing campaigns.


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