Oktopost Enhances Facebook Retargeting ROI With Improved Lead Segmentation

Facebook retargeting is taken to a whole new level with Oktopost's social lead data capabilities.

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Oktopost, the only B2B social media management platform, through its innovative Facebook integration, has unleashed the most advanced retargeting capabilities currently available. With this new integration, Oktopost and Facebook users are able to retarget audience previously unknown to Facebook.

Retargeting has been seen to increase conversion rates by at least 150 percent, helping marketers convert more leads faster. Today Facebook retargeting enables segmentation of audiences based on website visit data. The new Oktopost integration opens up a whole new dimension of social data for increased segmentation.

The social data Oktopost provides to Facebook, enables marketers to segment audiences based on their interests, without the prospects even having to visit the marketer's website. More data equals better segmentation and helps drive down costs. A win-win for marketing teams looking to increase lead velocity while working within strict budgets.

“Thanks to Oktopost’s Facebook Retargeting integration, we can retarget people who have clicked on first or even third party articles that we have shared on multiple social platforms. This enables us to reach our audiences with Facebook retargeting ads, regardless of where they engaged with our content,” says Natalie Cohen, Senior Marketing Manager at Panaya.

While companies’ social channels are responsible for part of the social data Oktopost creates, employee advocacy, employees sharing company content to their personal profiles, is a strong component in enabling marketers to truly amplify their reach and increases the ability to generate data points. With Oktopost’s complete B2B social media management platform, users are able to leverage Employee Advocacy audiences for increased social data and better retargeting campaigns.

To learn more about Oktopost’s B2B social media management platform, and see how enterprises and B2B marketers can leverage the technology for a connected marketing cloud, we invite you to schedule a personal demonstration.

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Oktopost is the first solution to establish the ROI of social media for B2B companies, bridging the gap between social media and lead generation. Oktopost customers use the platform for distributing large-scale content marketing campaigns through social media and effectively measuring its business value.

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