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The Observer Foundation, known for their cryptocurrency called OBSR, has launched a prototype of its Android application in the Google Play Store for a testing period. Soon, some users in select regions will be able to download the prototype and start to share their local weather data using their mobile devices. This testing phase will go until around January 2019. When the full launch of the OBSR application is announced, all qualifying users will be eligible to receive compensation via OBSR coins. The coins will be awarded to participants who contribute valid weather statistics like air pressure, humidity and temperature, to the Observer Foundation.

To see if your region is already one of the OBSR test areas, check here. More regions will become available for OBSR app use after the testing phase is complete.

OBSR plans to release its mini weather station but the date of reveal has not yet been announced. The mini weather station is a device meant to record and share weather data, in specific, semi-stationary locations across the world. 

OBSR recently announced that it would be an official fork of the PIVX Blockchain. Shortly after, OBSR announced that James Burden, the founder of PIVX would be Chief Blockchain Advisor to OBSR and Bryan Doreian, a PIVX Global Ambassador was introduced as the CEO of USA branches of Observer Foundation. 

Media Contact Taeill Cho, Admin@obsr.org
Observer Foundation
Narva mnt 5, Kesklinna district,
Tallinn city, Harju county (10117), Estonia

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OBSR (OBSERVER Coin) promotes crowd-sourced weather data trading.
Individuals earn OBSR by sending personal weather observations using mobile devices. OBSR launched their mainnet as a fork of PIVX on October 15th 2018.

Lori Brown
Lori Brown
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Narva mnt 5, Kesklinna district
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