OBSR Appoints New Leadership From PIVX Team

OBSR Appoints New Leadership From PIVX Team

Taeill Cho, Co-Founder of OBSR, appointed Bryan Doreian from the PIVX team as OBSR’s new overseas CEO. The announcement came within days of the Memorandum of Understanding between James Burden, founder of Private Instant Verified Transactions (PIVX) and Observer Coin (OBSR) which announced OBSR as an official fork from the existing PIVX blockchain.

When asked about why he chose to accept the offer to cooperate with OBSR in a formal position, Doreian answered without hesitation.

"The founders and team of scientists in the OBSR project saw the desperate need to allow unfettered access to data, and, specifically, meteorological data. The current landscape has this data controlled by a select few and controlled by high prices. OBSR is already well on its way to decentralizing both the collection of meteorological data (through mobile apps & patented, low cost hardware weather stations), as well as access to said data (through the efficient, low cost OBSR coin). Those who participate in collection of the data, basically passively, are rewarded, thus creating an entire new possibility of distributed weather mapping, advanced forecasting, and more precise weather analysis for developing nations and their agricultural production. This is the blend of hybrid financing, decentralized data collection and distribution, and social impact. This, along with the founders intent to work closely with the PIVX project, utilizing the PIVX codebase, and help promote that ecosystem, is what drew me to OBSR.”

When asked about how the transition would affect working relationships between all involved, Doreian clarified.

As far as impact: I see mutual benefit for both projects.  I will continue to support as a global ambassador for PIVX,  and this latest position with OBSR only further enhances the prestige and usefulness of what PIVX has provided to the world.  As I now take on the privilege of being of use to OBSR in global development as well, it continues to reflect back onto PIVX too.” Bryan Doreian

Media Contact Taeill Cho, Admin@obsr.org

Observer Foundation
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Tallinn city, Harju county (10117), Estonia

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OBSR (OBSERVER Coin) promotes crowd-sourced weather data trading.
Individuals earn OBSR by sending personal weather observations using mobile devices. OBSR launched their mainnet as a fork of PIVX on October 15th 2018.

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Lori Brown
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