NYSCPS Claimed That Museums Are Magnificent Tombs of Cultures

A non-governmental organization - NYSCPS (New York Scarce Culture Preserving Society) - claimed that two museums are a magnificent tomb of cultures, which have drawn extensive attention in the cultural and media world.

NYSCPS claim that two museums are magnificent tombs of cultures, and that those two museums –National Museum of the American Indian and Museum of Anatolian Civilizations – are both outstanding representatives of cultural tombs. Scarce cultures shall be protected as they are in their own environments, in other words, living protection, other than being exhibited as cultural corpses and fossils in a museum.

Existing protections for scarce cultures are far from enough

Scarce culture heritage protection differs from material culture heritage in a basic way: that a scarce culture exists by adhering to a certain group, region or space and refers to living culture. However, existing museums protect scarce cultures as natural history museums preserve animal specimens; so, varied articles exhibited in cultural museums are just like corpses of animals and plants, having lost their activity completely. According to the books and other records, the descriptions about scarce cultures are generally not quite detailed, or too idealistic, lacking constructive schemes for the inheritance (oral inheritance among families, folk performing arts, handcraft skills, etc.) and protection of certain groups. According to NYSCPS, when protected, scarce cultures shall not remain in physical form, more attention should be drawn to the carriers of inheritance; and public welfare assistance should be provided to organizations or scholars to encourage them for continuous research and protection work.

NYSCPS has initiated a global call for protecting scare cultures in a living manner. NYSCPS will coordinate with non-governmental organizations and governmental agencies to positively push the application of more diversified modern means (internet and artificial intelligence) in the protection of scare cultures.

Protecting scare cultures is protecting more possibilities of the future

Trade globalization has brought about an economic boom and allows modern people to live a good material life. However, when industrial civilization swept across the globe, a lot of civilizations that have developed in parallel with it were deconstructed, suppressed and destructed. According to NYSCPS, preserving one more cultural form is to reserve more possibilities of cultural development, and keeping one more cultural gene means one more possibility of retaining the future of human civilization. That is why NYSCPS was founded; this has been supported by Hollywood film stars and senior politicians with their voices.

At present, worldwide scare cultures protection is facing increasingly greater challenges: A lot of cultural forms generated during farming civilization period are losing the foundation that they rely on for living; cultures that have been carried forward by oral instruction and behavior inheritance are disappearing; many traditional crafts are on the edge of extinction; too many valuable objects and materials with historical and cultural values are damaged, scrapped or washed away. Inheritance activities with people as main carriers are facing great challenges; their survival states have become increasingly more difficult; inheritance environment is shrinking; inheritance activities decline day by day. These phenomena have been frequently observed in recent years and they should be paid more attention by competent organizations and institutions.

About NYSCPS: As a non-governmental organization, its mission is to “reserve one more cultural gene” by investigating, doing research on and the spreading of scarce cultures in the world and thus working with varied non-governmental organizations and governmental agencies for targeted development and protections.

Source: NYSCPS