Nutricelebrity's Latest Product Launch: an Innovative Vitamin C Serum

Unique formulation, unique ingredients like jojoba seed oil and pomegranate seed oil - a blend that is completely new and unique.

Nutricelebrity Vitamin C Serum

Nutricelebrity's latest product, the innovative Vitamin C Serum, is loaded with Vitamin C and powerful antioxidants to help preserve and protect the skin’s youthful and supple appearance.

The product has a very unique formulation and unique ingredients like jojoba seed oil and pomegranate seed oil, a blend that is completely new and unique.

Nutricelebrity’s unique serum has the following main ingredients:

Vitamin C
• One of the most effective natural ways to boost collagen production.
• Helps to rejuvenate the skin by improving collagen synthesis in the skin that tends to slow down with aging, as well as limits skin damage from free radicals.
Vitamin E
• Skin protectant by fighting free radicals.
• Hydrates the skin.
• Helps rid the skin of stubborn scars and dark spots.
• Discourages wrinkles.​
Ylang Ylang
• Balances the skin’s excess sebum production.
• Treats acne and scars.
• Soothes skin irritation.
Pomegranate Seed Oil
• Stimulates keratinocytes, which are major cells found in the outer layer of your skin. This helps to reverse skin damage and rejuvenate the skin to reveal a more youthful appearance.
• Fights free radicals.
• Anti-inflammatory.
• Improves the texture of the skin.
• Contains regenerative properties to help erase visible signs of aging.
• Rich in antioxidants to help improve collagen production.​
Papaya and Jojoba Seed Oil
• Brightens Skin.
• Reduces Scarring.
• Anti-inflammatory.
• Delays/prevents wrinkles.

The serum is collagen boosting and anti-aging – a modern and viable and innovative skin care solution.

It is made in the USA and available at major retailers, like Amazon:

And at:

Other natural ingredients include:
Coconut Oil
Pomegranate Seed Oil
Papaya Seed Oil
Jojoba Seed Oil
Sunflower Seed Oil
Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

Nutricelebrity's mission is to provide premium nutritional products at an affordable price to help people enhance their health and lifestyle. We know there is a need for natural health, which is constantly under attack from our polluted environment, chemically processed food and toxic water. The R&D team and formulation lab have over 40 years of experience delivering some of the most effective, bio-available and natural ingredients on the market. The products are manufactured, formulated and tested in the United States for the highest quality assurance. Its mission is to bring out innovative health products that benefit the body.

The company is headquartered near Los Angeles, California.

Source: Nutricelebrity

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