Nutricelebrity Launches Optimal Collagen, With Vitamin C and Rosehips

Optimal Collagen™

Nutricelebrity's latest product, the innovative Optimal Collagen™ is now available. This new Health Supplement has been formulated to fulfill the current collagen craze, with a new innovative formula. Optimal Collagen boasts increased skin firmness and hydration, the promotion of healthy hair, skin, nails, joints, tendons and Ligaments, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, and moving towards soft youthful skin.

Currently, the United States is experiencing a "Collagen Craze". Popular celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, and the Kardashians all use Collagen supplements extensively. The cosmetic and physical benefits are the reasons for the demand for the supplement. Large protein content, zero grams of carbs, and zero grams of fat are perfect for those that subscribe to low-carb diets – like keto.

Collagen supplements are important because collagen is the primary component for all tissue in the body – providing strength and resilience associated with youth, beauty, and wellness. In our 20s, our collagen production begins to diminish, resulting in wrinkles and joint stiffness. Products like the Optimal Collagen™ load the body with much-needed collagen peptides. Nutricelebrity is excited about the launch of the new product, specifically formulated for those looking for youthful, glowing skin, healthy hair, and more.

The newly released blend includes natural Vitamin C to support collagen formation in the body. It also includes Rose Hips and Grape Skin extract. The activated Silicon ensures the Collagen is synthesized by our body. The formula is especially good for keeping youthful skin, and also with mature/aging skin and can help to support collagen production.

The global collagen market size is expected to reach $6 billion by 2025, according Grand View Research, Inc.The continuing demand for high-quality natural collagen in health and cosmetic formulations as anti-aging and skin rejuvenating  is expected to drive the demand and sales for this product line.

Optimal Collagen™ may be found immediately at major retailers like Amazon:

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Nutricelebrity continuously strives to use the best natural ingredients though they may cost more. The R&D team and formulation lab have over 40 years of experience delivering some of the most effective, bio-available and natural ingredients on the market. Products are manufactured, formulated and tested in the United States for the highest quality assurance. It's our mission to bring you the best and healthiest products. 

The company is headquartered near Los Angeles, California.

Source: Nutricelebrity

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