NorthGravity Launches Hubcio: Revolutionizing Natural Language Generation for Data Insights as Part of the NorthGravity AI Suite


NorthGravity, a leading provider of advanced data analytics software, is thrilled to announce the release of Hubcio. With its cutting-edge capabilities, Hubcio will join the NorthGravity AI (NGAI), sitting alongside the NorthGravity Platform (NGP) and the NorthGravity Insights (NGI). Hubcio's integration with the NorthGravity AI Suite enables users to seamlessly leverage its power. Users can effortlessly build advanced data pipelines, streamline Python code to extract valuable insights, and gain a comprehensive view of internal documents and data—all within the unified NGAI ecosystem.

"We are excited to announce that Hubcio will be a vital component of our NorthGravity product," said Travis Nadelhoffer, CEO of NorthGravity. "By integrating Hubcio with NGP and NGI, we are providing our clients with a powerful suite of AI tools that seamlessly work together to enable data-driven insights and decision-making."

Key features of Hubcio within the NGAI include:

  • Unified AI Ecosystem: Hubcio seamlessly integrates with the NorthGravity Platform (NGP) and NorthGravity Insights (NGI)  as part of the NorthGravity AI Suite (NGAI), providing users with an integrated environment for data analysis.
  • Advanced Data Pipelines: Users can build sophisticated data pipelines utilizing the NGAI ecosystem within the NGP, effortlessly transforming and processing data to extract valuable insights.
  • Python Optimization: Hubcio simplifies the process of writing Python code, enabling users to extract maximum value from data with minimal effort.
  • Advanced Expeditor: Hubcio creates a foundation for building data pipelines and writing code within the NGP. 
  • Internal Document Insights: Gain a comprehensive view of internal documents and data, uncovering valuable insights and knowledge hidden within your organization, powered by the NGAI ecosystem.
  • Automated Submission and Training: Automate the submission and training of internal data and documents, creating a secure and customizable knowledge base for natural language queries, all within the NG ecosystem.

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About NorthGravity:

NorthGravity is a leading provider of advanced data analytics software, helping businesses unlock the full potential of their data. NorthGravity's innovative software suite includes the NorthGravity Platform (NGP), NorthGravity Artificial Intelligence (NGAI), and NorthGravity Insights (NGI). The NGP is a platform used for data storage, collection, and pipelines. The NGAI is a suite of AI tasks, autoML and Hubcio. The NGI is a business insights tool.  NorthGravity is committed to delivering superior software that drives business growth and success.

Source: NorthGravity