's Latest 3 Hexacopters for Professional Players is recommended on the market the latest three hexacopters to flying remote control toy enthusiasts professional players.

​Toys are not just for kids. Ever heard the expression ‘big toys for big boys’? Okay, perhaps this is not exactly what this article is about, but close enough.

The idea is that whether someone is a father and he particularly enjoy playing professional games with his child (inspiring them to be as passionate about it as he were and still are), either that he simply enjoy gaming and have made a full time hobby out of this, playing with the hexacopter is something anyone can do.

All they need is passion and the will of getting involved. But as they’re reading this article, odds have it that they are already really interested in this sport and they probably own more than just one hexacopter. But everyone all know how this is, right? One is never enough and when they are really enjoying what they’re doing, they always want something better to feed their interest.

If they’re particularly looking to improve their hexacopter collection, then this is the right place for them. In this article, will list the 3 latest hexacopters people can purchase for tremendous prices and newfrog solemnly promise these will satisfy people’s wildest dreams.

Therefore, read on.

JJRC H20 4-Channel 6-Axis 2.4GHz Headless Mode RTF RC Hexacopter

This is one of the newest hexacopters that are being sold on and the cheapest on this list. sku: 90374.Now, starting with the cheapest and ending with the most expensive, listing features and proving that people can purchase a tremendous hexacopter regardless of what their budget is.

This JJRC H20​ rc hexacopter model is small and aerodynamic, perfect for playing both outside and inside and even suitable for children. Due to its ergonomic design, it is very easy to handle. Its 6-axys gyro system offers the hexacopter great stability in flight and it permits people to simply operate various movements in flight, including 360 degree spins. As well, the hexacopter has a great wind resistance for its category of size and power.

The flight time is quite good, raising up to 7 minutes, while the charging time is of 45 minutes.

Talking about design, this product comes in a nice range of colors, varying from metalized red to golden.

The control range is of 30 m and the weight is only of 21 g, suitable for its small hexacopter range category.

People can now purchase this product for $17.79, 40% off the initial price, only on

MJX X900 X901 Mini 4CH 6-Axis 360° Flips 2.4GHz RC Hexacopter RTF

A little pricier in terms of cost and a little larger in terms of size, this MJX X900 RC​ hexacopter is suitable mostly for bold air movements.SKU:90026  . While the first one was fitted into the small category, this one falls into the medium category. Even so, the hexacopter is suitable for being used outdoors and indoors as well, as its size doesn’t overcome the boundary of 18.5 cm.

Alike the previous one, this product is operating on a 6-axys gyro system base, offering it the desired flight stability and simplicity of operation that any professional hobbyist is looking for when purchasing new toys.

Unlike the previous one, on the other hand, this hexacopter has an impressive control range- if the first one’s limit was set at 30 m, this second one comes with an impressive limit of 100 m.

When it comes to design, these two products are quite different- the first one had a hard plastic shell, while this one has a PA one. The color range for the latest hexacopter is minimalist, offering people either classic black or white.

The second hexacopter is also heavier, weighing 178 g, compared to the 21 g of the previous one.

The flight time raises up to only 5 minutes, with a battery re-charging time of 60 minutes.

People can purchase this hexacopter from for $22.99, reduced from the initial price of $39.99.

MJX X600 4-CH 2.4GHz 6-axis Gyro System 360° Flips RC Hexacopter RTF ( Mode 2 )

This last hexacopter is the most expensive in terms of price, but newfrog are sure that its features will not let people down.

If people prefer their drones to be big and impressive, this is the perfect toy for them. If someone spoke about small and medium categories until now, this  MJX X600 RC ​hexacopter falls into the large size category without a doubt.SKU:90021​.

With the same 6-axys gyro system, the ability of performing 360 degrees flips and built in LEDs, this hexacopter promises to be the epitome of impressive in the hexacopter universe.

Maintaining all the features of its smaller brothers, this one brings people stability in flight, the ability of performing numerous movements in flight, having a great responsiveness and wonderful dynamism. This hexacopters is, unlike the others, only suitable for the outdoors, with its 31 cm and 1080 g of weight. The remote control range remains set at 100 m, but the battery time is significantly improved: people w’ll be able to fly this drone for up to 10 minutes. The battery charging time is, on the other hand, as much as 2 hours.

People  can purchase this in black and white, for $55.39, reduced from $79.99, on

Well,there are still more kinds of rc helicopters for people who like to play with rc  toys

by themselves or play it with family and friends, hve launched many new

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