New Release of Gridraw for Drawing a State Machine Diagram

Now the Gridraw series supports three UML diagrams - class diagrams, sequence diagrams and state machine diagrams.

​​​​​Gridraw Inc. of Utsunomiya Tochigi, Japan, has just released Gridraw software for drawing state machine diagrams. The Gridraw series of UML drawing tools features innovative usability and lightweight performance. Gridraw now adds a state machine diagram capability to an already impressive lineup that includes class and sequence diagrams. Gridraw software is supported by Windows platforms and can be downloaded from our web site.

 What is a state machine diagram

 A state machine diagram expresses transitions of states and is mainly used in software design. Many tasks require managing states with appropriately designed software. For example, in a smart phone, states such as “sleep mode” or “normal mode” are managed inside the phone’s software. A state machine diagram identifies what conditions involve changes from one state to another and what process is to run at the time of the change.

 An approach that feels like programming

 Until now, special software or office software has been used to draw state machine diagrams. With such software, the diagramming operations (positioning, sizing, etc.) are generally carried out by use of a mouse, while inputting text is done from a keyboard.

 In Gridraw, the user can perform all of the operations, including the diagram operations, by using only the keyboard. As a result, it is possible to construct a state machine diagram in the manner of programming, using an approach that is more familiar to developers. The entire Gridraw series (which includes class diagrams and sequence diagrams) is equipped with this feature.

 The addition of an automatic saving feature

 The new Gridraw ver. 0.14 has added an automatic save feature that automatically saves the working file every three seconds if it is being changed, and saves the file automatically on exit. In this way, the user no longer needs to worry about losing edits because of an unfortunate crash or inadvertent shutdown of the tool or the PC.

 What is Gridraw

 Engineers often feel that designing software is a troublesome task. This sentiment is reinforced by a belief – arising from the notion of an agile process – that what is most important is the runnable (executable) artifact. This erroneous interpretation of what is meant by an “agile” process mistakenly relegates design to a secondary, less important level. In response, Gridraw offers engineers comfortable usability, challenging the notion that software design is a burdensome chore. Gridraw improves the quality and speed of design and enables the user to quickly visualize the design, even in a pressurized environment requiring agile development. It enables sharing, consensus building, and verification of the design, enhancing the overall quality of the product.

 In order to maximize usability, Gridraw has adopted an innovative new UI, using a cell system similar to a spreadsheet. We provide a comfortable design tool featuring a real-time automatic layout capability, full operability from the keyboard, and a system that is simple and lightweight.


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Gridraw offers comfortable usability for software engineers and improves the quality and speed of the design.

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