New Legal Analytics Survey Ranks Massachusetts Law Firms

Continuing its state-by-state series of surveys examining America's highest-volume law practices, Miami-based artificial intelligence firm Premonition AI has recently released its list for Massachusetts. Regularly ranked as one of the wealthiest and most-densely populated states in the Union, Massachusetts boasts a healthy legal sector. Somewhat surprisingly, however, Premonition's results show little evidence of so-called "claims mill" practices. The state's busiest firms have caseloads over the past three years averaging in the low hundreds—compare this with someone like North Dakota's Gary A. Ficek, a solo practitioner who has taken on several thousand cases in the same period. There are also comparatively few collections agencies represented in the upper rankings. Over the course of Premonition's survey series, the company hopes to spur a useful discussion on what some of these variations might mean.

Massachusetts' Busiest Litigators

Essex District Attorney's Office

Suffolk District Attorney's Office

Office of the Attorney General

Middlesex District Attorney's Office

Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks, PC

Morrison Mahoney, LLP

Worcester District Attorney's Office

Plymouth District Attorney's Office

Rob Levine & Associates

Lynch & Lynch

Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP

Hashim & Spinola

Santen & Hughes

Bolden & Bonfiglio, LLC

Law Offices of Steven B. Stein

Schreiber/Cohen, LLC

Bristol District Attorney's Office

Harmon Law Offices, PC

Hassett & Donnelly, PC

Kelley Bernheim Dolinsky, LLC

The list is dominated by District Attorney's Offices, with the Essex County D.A. bearing the heaviest caseload while also posting the state's best win rate—suggesting that plaintiffs might be better off litigating in neighboring Suffolk County if at all possible. The state's busiest private firm is Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks, one of the country's largest condominium law firms. MEEB is perhaps best-known for its work securing the "super-lien" provision of the Massachusetts Condominium Act, which gives liens filed to recover unpaid condo fees priority over competing liens (ex. from a mortgage provider). Given the number of offices MEEB maintains throughout New England, it's unsurprising to see the firm near the top of the state's volume charts. Other notably busy practices include business law specialists Morrison Mahoney and personal injury attorney Rob Levine & Associates.

Premonition's survey is gleaned from its archive of court records, which it claims to be by far the largest such database in the world. Using a proprietary artificial intelligence tool, users are able to pose a wide range of queries regarding the performance of specific firms and lawyers. In its most basic form, this produces so-called "win rate" metrics, case duration averages and information regarding settlement amounts. With this information in hand, Premonition clients are better positioned to choose the right representation for their needs. If the judge who will be deciding the claim is known, clients can even compare the performance of lawyers in that judge's court, which can reveal an invaluable hidden edge. Given how busy Massachusetts' District Attorneys have been over the past three years, this Premonition advantage could come in very handy for residents of the state.

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