2018 Top-Performing Barristers and Law Firms in UK High Courts

Legal Analytics Firm Ranks 2018 Performance

This year, there is a big change in win rates for barristers and law firms alike in Premonition’s new annual report, which, the company is told, is used by many to select their ideal legal representation. Premonition’s annual analysis of success rates for barristers and law firms in the UK High Courts continues to provide invaluable information for those who wish to choose the best performers on quantitative, objective data rather than hearsay or opinion.

“We can all agree today that the use of analytics has now become industry standard practice, so the next step is logical: We have identified the top 10 performing barristers and law firms for each court. This will surely give people hiring off-list pause for thought,” said Toby Unwin, Premonition co-founder and CIO.

The Premonition UK High Courts 2018 Report is available now as a free download at https://www.premonition.ai/reports/.

Some of the highlights of the report are:

·   The Top Barrister of 2018 is Stephen Smith QC, with over 21 cases, who accomplished a 91 percent win rate.

·   The Top Law firm of 2018 is Devonshires Solicitors LLP, who won 12 cases, giving them a 100 percent win rate.

·   Past analysis showed that law firms’ choice of barristers is 38 percent worse than random selection.

“The UK High Courts conduct just over 4,000 cases a year and for our 2018 report, we analysed the previous three years' data,” Toby says. The nearest U.K. competitor recently announced a 5,000-case database, compared to the Premonition database which has over 100,000 United Kingdom cases, in addition to over 80 million globally, which includes data from the United States, Canada, India, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. This makes Premonition’s database larger than industry giants LexisNexis™, Thomson Reuters™ and Bloomberg™ combined.

With an artificial intelligence engine capable of reading over 50,000 documents per second, Premonition makes sophisticated querying of its litigation archive simple. The data transparency allows general counsel to identify false claims regarding areas of law where the firm has not built up a significant body of litigation success.

Premonition is a New York-based firm started by two Englishmen four years ago, which is now the world’s most advanced legal analytics firm.

For more information, contact:

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