New GyroGrub® Launches in San Francisco Market


A Greek Street Food Concept has just broadened its geographic footprint. Dgn Capital Group LLC expands the launch of GyroGrub® QSR locations in the San Francisco market. 

Our new Greek Gyros Street Food concept is based on a simple menu, few choice items, quick service, promoting fresh “Real Food” ingredients, in a clean, modern environment, promoting natural, healthier, friendlier food.

Featured menu items KronoBROIL® Gyros and Signature Frozen Custard spun daily at every location, which paves the way for the unique concept.

The GyroGrub® model is backed by industry veterans, Chef Barry Brooks along with Mr. Izzy Kharasch and the CBBC team oversee the implementation of the brand for each location.

Corporate owned franchises allow the quality and vision of the GyroGrub® brand to expand on the national platform as a leading new QSR restaurant concept.


DGN Capital Group LLC
Attn: Media Relations

Source: GyrroGrub®

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