New Approach to Mail Processing by Konstantin Bas, CEO of Availius LLC.

​Availius LLC (CEO Konstantin Bas) has announced the launch of a new mailing service for the clients of small and medium-range hospitals, clinical laboratories and regional medical groups.

Although medical billing is for the most part done electronically (claims generated by medical organizations are submitted to payers electronically), all communication with patients is still done by regular mail. Upon receiving an Explanation of Benefits from an insurance company, a healthcare facility must calculate the amount of the patient’s responsibilities, generate an invoice and mail it to the patient. Experience shows that it normally takes more than one mailing, since many patients either ignore the invoices altogether or send back faulty responses instead of the payment.

This results in more mailings (often more than one) sent to the same patient urging him/her to make the payment rather than deal with a collection agency.

The whole mailing process is extremely cumbersome and logistically complicated. The bottleneck in this process is stuffing the letters and invoices into envelopes, sealing the envelopes and paying postage.

Large organizations such as banks, insurance companies and government agencies use for these purposes special services and incredibly complex and costly equipment, which is not a viable option for small and medium-range organizations.

Konstantin Bas, CEO of Availius LLC, who has firsthand knowledge of the issues involved in running a healthcare organization and specifically of this issue, offers a much more effective solution.

Currently, the labor costs alone can be up to 10-15 cents per mailing. Moreover, the mailing rates are always the highest, even when using postal meters.

The solution proposed by Konstantin Bas is a full service center outfitted with state-of-the-art mailing equipment, where invoices and accompanying letters are generated according to the client’s specifications, printed out, stuffed in envelopes, sealed and delivered to the post office. The actual postage is 15% lower than the official rates.

The new service, says Konstantin Bas, is increasingly popular due to the advantages accorded by the much faster turnover and significant savings.

About Availius LLC

Availius LLC is a quality driven, service oriented medical technology company committed to acquiring, developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative medical products for clinical laboratories, hospitals and medical practices.

Source: Availius LLC