Convenience and Accuracy in Specimen Collection - Presentation of New Urine Specimen Collection Kit by Konstantin Bas, CEO of Availius LLC

Availius LLC (CEO Konstantin Bas), which is the holder of the AccuFem and Women Friendly trademarks and which has, for the past few years, been successfully manufacturing its Feminine Urine Collection Kit, has announced the launch of a new product – the Unisex Urine Collection Kit.

The company started receiving requests from medical practitioners for such a product right after the market launch of the kit’s first version. Older men, as well as male patients with various health issues, whether orthopedic, neurological, etc., experience difficulties during urine sample collection for laboratory tests.

According to Konstantin Bas, this new product was created by a whole team consisting of engineers, physicians of different specialties and specialists in plastics manufacture technologies. The 3D prototyping technology was extensively used to speed up the development process.

Konstantin Bas also mentioned another radically innovative feature of the new product, i.e. the fact that the new kits can be used with virtually any container currently available in the US and global medical equipment markets.

Availius has already started dispatching the first shipments of unisex collection kits to several clinical laboratories for trial use.

About Availius LLC

Availius LLC is a quality driven, service oriented medical technology company committed to acquiring, developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative medical products for clinical laboratories, hospitals and medical practices.

Source: Availius LLC