Konstantin Bas, CEO of Availius LLC, Has Announced the Launch of a New Product - a Specimen Collection Kit for Clinical Laboratories

​Konstantin Bas, CEO of Availius LLC, has announced the launch of a new product – a specimen collection kit for clinical laboratories. Custom specimen collection kits have been known to physicians for quite a while. Normally such kits were distributed to highly specialized laboratories performing exclusively specific types of tests. Such kits were shipped to doctors’ offices all over the country for specimen collection and shipment back to the laboratories to be tested.

These days diversified reference laboratories tend to develop their own tests. Laboratory-developed tests normally differ from regular routine tests which both doctors and medical staff are quite familiar with. Sometimes even specimen collection devices, such as vials, containers, swabs, etc., are different from the regular ones. Furthermore, both medical staff and patients need detailed instructions. Konstantin Bas was one of the first in the industry to become aware of this tendency. The company has developed unique combinations of specimen collection kits which are customized and assembled according to the laboratories’ specific requirements. The company has invested into new packaging equipment which allows making up the required number of kits very fast.

The principal benefits of launching these products into the operation of clinical laboratories include a significant increase in the number of tests received from clients, added convenience for both clients and patients, and promoting the laboratory brand.

 Konstantin Bas is constantly meeting with managers of laboratories which are the company’s clients and very promptly implements their suggestions into practice. Special attention is being accorded to the technological component. Availius is one of the few companies which guarantees the appropriate temperature conditions during specimen storage and transportation from collection site to laboratory.

 Says Konstantin Bas, “We are going to develop a wide range of custom collection kits. We see the future of the healthcare industry in its customization, and that’s what makes our products increasingly popular and widely used.”

Source: Avalius LLC