NETSHIELD Corporation Appoints Eric Evans as Chairman of the Board

Eric Evans

Today NETSHIELD Corporation’s President & CEO, Ed Wall, announced that the Company’s Board of Directors has unanimously elected Mr. Eric Evans as their new Chairman. Mr. Evans is a long-time investor with the company.

CEO Ed Wall commented “I’m very pleased with Eric’s appointment as the new Chairman of the Board. We have worked closely together and his depth of experience has been very instrumental in developing NETSHIELD’s growth plans. Eric brings an exceptional depth of experience to the table and he has been a tremendous mentor to me and the company.”

Chairman Eric Evans stated “My thanks to the Board for their vote of confidence in taking on the chairmanship for our company. NETSHIELD is poised for explosive growth and I look forward to leading those efforts with Ed Wall and the rest of the Board. We have reliable products being sold in 38 countries, have seen 185% growth over last year and our roadmap for product enhancements is exciting. It’s time to expand.”

Chairman Eric Evans has over 40 years’ experience in banking and investments. He is co-founder and Senior Managing Partner of Evans Hagen & Company, which is an independent investment bank dedicated to fostering the health, growth and expansion of small to medium size businesses throughout North America. Eric has served in multiple leadership roles, to include CEO of Communications Corporation of America, CEO of RCA Business Telephone Systems and Senior VP with The Hallwood Group.

Over the past 24 years, Eric has led EH&C’s Investment Banking and Litigation Support practices, advising senior executives and litigators on all manner of transactions and engagements of the highest strategic importance. Eric formed EH&C with the goal of offering clients a truly long-term advisory relationship based on trust and actionable advice, realized through joint execution. 24 years later that goal has resulted in a loyal and robust client community. In this capacity, Eric brings a wealth of business and financial acumen to corporate cases and transactions, having previously worked on Wall Street as an investment banker for over 10 years. Eric holds a BS Degree from Dickinson College and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

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