Nederman MikroPul Selected by Scania to Supply Filter Systems and Heat Exchangers

Nederman MikroPul Selected by Scania for Dust Collection and Heat Exhangers

Scania, a world-leading Swedish provider of transport solutions, including trucks and buses for heavy transport applications, is investing EUR 150 million in a new foundry in Södertälje, Sweden. Scania plans to triple production capacity and achieve a 50 percent reduction in energy consumption compared to the technology and methods used in the current foundry.

Scania has selected Nederman MikroPul for the supply of six filter plants for air pollution control, including heat exchangers on various work stations from melting to finishing, with a total volume flow of 1.254.000 Am3/h. The largest expected energy savings will be obtained through improvements in the casting process and recovery by heat exchangers, which will transfer heat from the exhaust to the supply air.

"Our offer perfectly met Scania's ambition towards a more sustainable production. We are proud of being part of a project, which will set new standards for modern manufacturing in foundries."
- Markus Schilli, Managing Director Business Unit FS Systems

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