Nederman Celebrates 75 Years of Industrial Air Filtration!

From pioneer to world leader in workplace environment and clean air.

Nederman celebrates 75 years of industrial air filtration

Clean Air. Nederman's promise to our customers is easily described. With this business concept, the Helsingborg-based environmental technology company has developed from a local workshop to a world-leading company in one of the world’s most relevant industries; sustainable industrial production. Nederman celebrates 75 years.

"It can be said that Nederman has always been before its time. In 1944 the term sustainability did not exist, but that was actually Nederman’s business concept already then, and it is more relevant than ever today. According to international studies, as many as 95% of the world's population breathe polluted air daily. That sounds alarming, but viewed from a favorable perspective, one can say that the need for innovative solutions is huge. And innovation work is what characterizes Nederman today," says Sven Kristensson, CEO of Nederman since 2001.

The development in digitalization, mobile technology and artificial intelligence (AI) has made a clear impact on our everyday lives. It has also made it possible for Nederman to develop a new generation of products and services.

"Today we have completely different opportunities to measure, control and optimize the airflow in industrial processes. This does not only positively affect the environment as a whole and the work environment specifically, but also leads to lower energy consumption, increased material recycling, and higher product quality. Thus, gains are generated for companies as well as for the world at large. Sustainability is central to today's industry, and I can confidently say that Nederman is at the forefront. We may not be able to promise clean air to everyone, but we can make a big difference for many," says Sven Kristensson.

Nederman's mission is to protect people, production and our planet from harmful effects of industrial processes. Today, the Group has operations in some 50 countries, with approximately 2,200 employees, of which just over 200 are in Helsingborg.

"We have achieved many positive things during these 75 years, but I am convinced that the coming few years will mean almost a revolution in sustainable industrial production. And Nederman is at the center of this," concludes Sven Kristensson.

For further information, please contact:

Sven Kristensson, CEO
Telephone: +46 42 18 87 00

Tomas Hagström, SVP Americas
Telephone: +1 704 398 7600

Facts about Nederman
The Nederman Group is a world-leading supplier and developer of products and solutions within the environmental technology sector. We filter, clean and recycle in demanding industrial environments.

Clean air is a cornerstone for sustainable production and Nederman’s products and solutions improve production efficiency, reduce environmental impact and protect employees from harmful dust, smoke and fumes. Learn more at

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