Nautic Alert's New VTracker™ is the New Standard for Satellite-Based Tracking and Anti-Theft Insurance-Compliant Solutions, Including GPS Theft

Nautic Alert VTracker

​​Nautic Alert VTracker™ is a new high-precision and low-cost compact tracking solution that meets or exceeds insurance requirements for boats, and provides enhanced next-generation anti-theft, security and safety. With the secured Nautic Alert Cloud™, connect directly to an onboard VTracker using the Iridium® NEXT global satellite network and request on-demand location information, receive automatic location updates and other information, at any time from mobile or web-enabled devices, including through text messaging. Best of all, VTracker is extremely easy to install and use, and its compact form factor enables concealed installs in space-constrained environments.

​Nautic Alert VTracker™ tracks the location of a boat or yacht in real time with unmatched precision. Using the award-winning Nautic Alert SMART geofence technology, it will learn and detect the location and a change to the location in as little as 250 feet with the included low-profile antennas, or 50 feet with the optional performance antennas using an onboard self-aware geofence, rather than a web-based geofence.

​VTracker optional capabilities provide a set of dedicated input and output ports for a backup battery to enable full fault-redundancy and notifications of primary battery loss, for intrusion detection sensors and/or SOS button for security or safety notifications, for a float switch and high-water notifications, and for a remotely controlled engine kill switch.

A remote engine kill feature makes it possible to have the vessel in a safe area away from obstructions before shutting down the engine from an owner’s phone or when the boat is being pursued by authorities. 

​VTracker is compatible with Nautic Alert’s microwave-based security detectors, which offer a low-cost 3D technology for reliably detecting intruders while ignoring nearby movement on docks. VTracker is also compatible with FLIR cameras that offer precise thermal-based autonomous human detection for reliable early detection of intruders.

Early detection and prevention of electronics and outboards engine theft is key in certain geographic areas, especially South Florida. Microwave and FLIR-FB technology enable some of most technologically advanced marine-grade perimeter security options, while other countermeasures can be incorporated to invisibly detect when a GPS chart plotter is popped loose from its mounting location.

​Nautic Alert Cloud Watch is an optional component that provides state-of-the-art anti-theft against the most advanced attempts to compromise system communications. Communication inactivity is detected and notified within minutes, for the most advanced protection against RF jammers and intentional attempts to disable the system. 

With a Cloud Watch subscription, VTracker also uses the same VMS tracking core as its NOAA VMS-approved Insight counterpart, which means locations tracks and communication disconnects are logged and reconstructed as required by government CFR standards. This feature is extremely useful for one not only wishing to safeguard where their boat is now, but ensuring where it’s been.

Cloud Watch also enables a number of geographic boundaries to be drawn on a map and uploaded to VTracker, making it self-aware of additional boundaries it should notify for when transitions in or out of the boundary occur, in real time. Self-aware boundaries not only reduce notification time versus a traditional cloud-based geofence, but also can enable one to eliminate data usage due to periodic vessel tracking. Unlike the highly precise anchor alarm, this feature makes it possible to create multiple large boundaries where travel is or is not permissible.

VTracker is an EDGE-based IoT marine solution. Nautic Alert designs and manufactures leading marine IoT technologies based on SMART sensor machine-learning principles and disruptive technology applications.

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