Nautic Alert ® Offers Lowest-Cost US Commercial Fisherman NOAA VMS EMTU in Low-Profile All-Inclusive Package

Nautic Alert Insight X2 VMS

​Nautic Alert, known for disruptive and innovative marine IoT technologies, just unveiled the lowest-cost-of-ownership VMS package for U.S. NOAA commercial fisherman in their Insight X2 VMS EMTU appliance offering.  

Insight X2 features integrated forms, messaging, an address book and a GPS status screen that provides a seamless experience with a one-touch firmware update feature to keep the unit compliant with NOAA-required periodic updates. With a Nautic Alert X2 VMS system, fisherman can expect a system that works out-of-the-box with minimal setup and full visibility into NOAA connectivity. Nautic Alert X2 is available in two versions: the lowest-cost VMS-Only Appliance and the full Nautic Alert package that delivers over 15 other applications, including security and safety features that can enable both commercial and vessel insurance discounts. The VMS packages available include all necessary mounting hardware, antennas and cables.

Nautic Alert Insight X2 is designed to deliver the most modern, simplistic and compact design in a VMS solution seen to date and offers some key benefits never before seen in a VMS solution which includes the lowest cost of ownership, incredibly efficient processing power and no dependency on an external tablet. 

“Not all VMS systems are created equal. Our system uses highly optimized data payloads combined with the ability to shut off services seasonally through a strategic partnership with NearshoreNetworks,” stated Nick Velado with Nautic Alert. “Location data is optimized to use the smallest payload available, which means our unit will use less monthly data, allowing us to offer unmatched airtime prices,” Nick stated.

With an integrated one-touch WiFi-based firmware update, fisherman can easily update the unit for free through their cell phone, at the dock or over broadband, with potentially significant data savings that would otherwise require the update to occur over satellite. Integrated messaging is designed to save fishermen money by only allowing authorized contacts to send messages over satellite while eliminating POP3 and IMAP setup steps as seen on other EMTUs. With Nautic Alert Insight X2, messaging works out-of-the-box using a modern smart cloud architecture design that filters out unwanted messages before they send over satellite.

Unlike other systems that feature PC-based processing power, Nautic Alert is custom-designed based on an ultra-low-power design to eliminate internal heat build-up. “Heat is one of the leading causes of failure in marine electronics, so we made sure our solution was specifically designed for the environment rather than adopting an off-the-shelf hardware design,” stated Nick Velado. “In fact, an Insight X2 consumes less than 2W of power, which is incredible for an MFD, and comes with a two-year warranty because of this and other aspects of the design made specifically for longevity.”

In addition to VMS, the full Insight X2 offers innovative safety, security and connectivity applications such as Nautic Alert’s SMART bilge management, microwave-based intrusion detection, freezer temperature monitoring, two-way device-to-device and device-to-cellular text messaging and much more, which can provide both commercial insurance discounts for fleets and individual vessel insurance discounts. Nautic Alert’s modern cloud can even enable custom broadcast messaging from fleet headquarters to all or selective vessels, complete with two-way connectivity.

Nautic Alert is the brand of a global marine EDGE-based IoT system operated by a high-tech company called Market Spectrum Inc. Nautic Alert Insight X2 VMS-Only is available through Nautic Alert’s dealer direct program, while the full Insight X2 is available through Gemeco Marine Accessories distribution.

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