MW Institute Seeks Grant Support For Nutrition Continuing Medical Education Programs That Consider The Benefits Of Consuming Organic Foods

Connecticut-based Continuing Medical Education Provider to Develop Evidence-based Nutrition CME Program that Discusses Organic Foods Research

The MW Institute, a Continuing Medical Education provider with extensive experience in the development and management of custom, accredited Continuing Medical Education programs, seeks to develop an evidence-based nutrition Continuing Medical Education program that includes a discussion on the benefits of consuming foods labeled "USDA Organic."

Since 2006, the MW Institute has delivered clear and accurate accredited Continuing Medical Education in live, print and electronic media to professional and academic clinical audiences worldwide. During that time, the MW Institute has received grant support from medical societies, associations and organizations to develop and manage CME programs that educate healthcare professionals on scientifically proven nutritional strategies designed to treat various types of illnesses and conditions. These efforts have included robust needs assessment driven, evidence-based custom writing and publishing, advocacy development, quality improvement initiatives, and the production of accredited educational programs for both domestic and international audiences.

"There is growing research that suggests links between foods produced using antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, irradiation or bioengineering and illnesses such as cancer, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease," said Timothy M Bayley, MS, President & CEO. "When clinicians treat diseases such as these, often pharmaceutical treatment plans are not enough. To achieve optimal outcomes, treatment plans often include nutritional strategies and dietary modifications. Research suggests that a diet of foodstuffs that are produced free of additives may be beneficial and the MW Institute welcomes the opportunity to develop a nutrition Continuing Medical Education program that empowers clinicians to consider the latest research and make informed decisions about how best to treat the whole patient."

Developing and executing quality nutrition Continuing Medical Education programs takes specialized experience and in-depth knowledge of adult education principles for physicians, nutritionists, dietitians and other healthcare professionals. The MW Institute has the integrity and proficiency needed to help organizations and clinicians working in the field of nutrition to successfully achieve their CME and CE goals, both ethically and effectively.

Visit for information about providing grant support to develop a nutrition Continuing Medical Education program that fosters the ongoing education of practitioners and can aid in the overall improvement of patient health and quality of life.