MW Institute Offers Nutrition Continuing Medical Education Development to Clinicians Seeking Performance Improvement

Connecticut-based Continuing Medical Education Provider Highlights Nutrition Within Their List of Specialties

The MW Institute, a Continuing Medical Education provider with extensive experience in the development and management of custom, accredited Continuing Medical Education programs, recently announced a heightened focus on Nutrition CME and CE within their list of specialties.

Since 2006, the MW Institute has delivered clear and accurate accredited Continuing Medical Education in live, print and electronic media to professional and academic clinical audiences worldwide. During that time, the MW Institute has received grant support from medical societies, associations and organizations to develop and manage CME programs that educate healthcare professionals on scientifically proven nutritional strategies designed to treat various types of illnesses and conditions. These efforts have included robust needs assessment driven, evidence-based custom writing and publishing, advocacy development, quality improvement initiatives, and the production of accredited educational programs for both domestic and international audiences.

"Obesity in America is a national crisis. For many years, nutrition has been a mission and passion of the staff of the MW Institute," said Timothy Bayley, President and CEO of the MW Institute. "We have a dietitian on-staff and 2 clinical educators with advanced degrees in Nutrition. Research has shown that the most effective way to treat obesity, heart disease, diabetes and many other chronic illnesses and conditions is to develop a holistic medical treatment plan that features a comprehensive nutritional strategy. The MW Institute is grateful to offer organizations and clinicians the opportunity to leverage our experience to develop nutrition CME programs that educate healthcare professionals on the latest evidence-based nutritional strategies that can improve patient outcomes and quality of life."

Developing and executing quality nutrition Continuing Medical Education programs takes specialized experience and in-depth knowledge of adult education principles for physicians, nutritionists, dietitians and other healthcare professionals. The MW Institute has the integrity and proficiency needed to help organizations and clinicians working in the field of nutrition to successfully achieve their CME and CE goals, both ethically and effectively.

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