Mosprom: Moscow's Pasta Exports Up 17% in 2021

The first half of 2021 saw pasta exports from Moscow reach USD 18.99 million, up 17% year-on-year and up 60% from the first half of 2019, when exports totaled USD 12.04 million.

"Exports of local pasta are growing, but they are also expanding their geographic reach," says Alexander Prokhorov, head of Moscow's department of investment and industrial policy. "Thirty-eight countries bought pasta from Moscow-based companies in the first half of this year, up from 32 countries two years ago. CIS countries are among the top buyers of local pasta: Kazakhstan (USD 9.45 million), Belarus (USD 6.02 million), Uzbekistan (USD 3.25 million), Georgia, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia. Demand from the CIS region helped Moscow become a leader among Russia's pasta exporters," Prokhorov explains.

The European Union is another sizable market for pasta from Moscow-based companies. In the first half of 2021, local pasta was exported to 11 European countries, and total volume was up 47.3% from pre-pandemic 2019. Key EU importers of local pasta are Latvia, Germany, and Estonia.

Outside of Europe and the CIS, Moscow exports pasta to Israel, Vietnam, Cyprus, Canada, and Greece.

Russia is among the top 20 exporters of pasta products globally. Based on the current growth in demand for local pasta, the Mosprom Center for Export Support predicts that the segment will continue to flourish. The Center's experts estimate that Russia's pasta makers have untapped export potential that exceeds current annual export sales. This creates opportunities for companies to expand sales in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, and Poland.

The Mosprom Center, a branch of Moscow's department of investment and industrial policy, provides personalized support for local industrial and agribusiness exporters.

The experts at the Center analyze target markets for the capital's manufacturers and perform individual analyses for the companies they work with in order to determine the most effective strategy for entering foreign markets.

In addition, as part of its buyer program, the Center's experts help local companies find partners and negotiate with potential buyers abroad. They also help exporters participate in international trade shows and business missions. All of this assistance is provided free of charge.

Source: Mosprom


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The Mosprom Center, subordinate to the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy, deals with individual support for Moscow's industrial and agribusiness exports.

The experts at the Center analyze target markets for the capital's manufacturers. Specialists study the target market's macroeconomic report and risk profile, including barriers to entry, the state of the industry within the target market, its dependence on exports and imports, and consumer market SWOT-analyses. The experts at the Center also perform individual analyses for companies to determine the most effective strategy for entering foreign markets.

As part of the buyer program, the Center's experts - free of charge and based on specific export needs - help Moscow companies with counterparty identification and negotiations with potential buyers abroad, in addition to facilitating the participation of Moscow companies in international exhibitions and business missions.

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