Mosaic Data Science has been named the Top AI & Machine Learning Services Company of 2023 By CIO Review

Mosaic is thrilled to be recognized as a leader in the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning space.

Mosaic Data Science is pleased to have been featured in the latest issue of CIO Review as the cover story of their AI and Machine Learning edition. With this feature, the publication has named Mosaic as the Top AI & Machine Learning Company of 2023 award. The article notes that recent advancements in artificial intelligence have placed organizations on the brink of a new era of automation, but its full potential is yet to be realized. With the global AI software market expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, reaching around $126 billion dollars by 2025, Mosaic is well-positioned to offer customers a practical approach to data - beyond the hype. 

For years, the hype surrounding AI has far outweighed its transformative impact, with vendors often overpromising and under-delivering on what AI could accomplish. As a boutique consultancy and services firm, Mosaic helps organizations take a more nuanced approach to AI adoption. CIO Review highlights Mosaic's ability to combine AI and ML with customized scoping and targeted problem-solving to help organizations unify their efforts and achieve their digital transformational goals.

"The wealth of experience, knowledge, and problem-solving capabilities of Mosaic's team are the bedrock of its sustained success and remain the driving force behind the company's ongoing growth," the article reads.

According to a study by Oberlo, AI use is responsible for optimizing high-level business productivity by up to 54%. Mosaic's services are designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive approach incorporating analytics depth, domain expertise, and flexible engagement models to help clients gain a competitive edge in their respective industries, such as professional and financial services, retail, manufacturing, CPG, and oil and gas. 

"Our portfolio of solutions come from repeat patterns in successful project execution," said Mike Shumpert, Managing Director at Mosaic. "We don't start by gathering ingredients and brainstorming what we can make with them; we write a cookbook after we've cooked many great cakes. We do this by using insights from past projects, your current environment, and use case requirements to facilitate ease of use and increase time to insight."

As technology continues to transform businesses, the time is now to prioritize an AI-led strategy that enables innovation, human creativity, and business growth. CIO Review notes that by partnering with Mosaic, business leaders can leverage the power of purpose-built AI and ML solutions to transform their organizations, enable better decision-making, and help find answers to questions they didn't even know they should be asking.

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About Mosaic Data Science

Mosaic Data Science is a leading AI/ML services company focused on helping organizations build and deploy custom solutions. The company makes complex artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions actionable, explainable, and usable to any organization.

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