Mosaic Data Science Named Top AI & Machine Learning Company of 2024 by CIO Review

The data science consultancy is honored to have received this recognition for the second consecutive year.

Mosaic Data Science has been recognized as the Top AI & Machine Learning Company by CIO Review for the second consecutive year. This prestigious accolade underscores Mosaic’s commitment to delivering transformative, actionable analytics solutions that empower enterprises to harness the full potential of AI, ML, and mathematical optimization for insightful decision-making. 

Mosaic’s team of data scientists is renowned for its deep domain expertise, positioning the company as a leader in superior, scalable solutions that drive significant digital transformations. Its unique blend of data engineering, statistical analytics, and problem-solving prowess ensures that strategic business visions and digital aspirations are realized. Through a well-established customer engagement model, Mosaic has carved a niche for itself, consistently delivering a competitive advantage in our tech-driven era. 

“We transcend typical AI/ML boundaries by delivering solutions rooted in real-world applications that foster growth, enhance operations, and produce measurable outcomes,” highlights Brinton. “Our mission is to simplify data science, making these powerful technologies accessible and effective for both burgeoning startups and established enterprises looking to expand their capabilities.” 

Mosaic champions adopting bespoke AI/ML tools tailored to the nuances of client needs—be it enhancing existing teams or managing entire project lifecycles. Their offerings have evolved to include innovative solutions such as the Neural Search Engine, Mosaic.deploy, and Data-Driven Decision Dynamics.  

“Named the top insight engine of 2024 by CIO Review, our Neural Search engine transcends traditional text-matching limitations,” said Mike Shumpert, VP of Data Science. "With our pioneering work in Reader/Retrieval Architectures, Neural Search helps unlock significant business value and empower clients with actionable insights for strategic decision-making.” 

Mosaic’s expertise extends beyond implementing AI/ML solutions; it guides organizations throughout the adoption lifecycles. From scoping and executing AI roadmaps to building a sustainable MLOps pipeline, it offers guidance that ensures seamless integration and impactful results.  

“Each project requires custom AI/ML tuning to guarantee ideal outcomes,” said Chris Provan, Managing Director of Data Science. “Our methodologies—designed to make data science techniques understandable and actionable—and our expertise in the niche lead to the best outcomes, transforming challenges into growth opportunities.” 

Mosaic’s dedication to ethical AI practices is further demonstrated through its partnership with Epstein Becker Green. Mosaic offers explainable AI and bias auditing services to help de-risk clients’ AI plans, ensuring that crucial information is ethical and reliable for better decision-making and compliance with industry standards. 

Over the last decade, Mosaic has achieved over 350 successful AI/ML deployments and participated in countless analytics and optimization projects across dozens of industries, proving that they aren’t simply participating in the AI revolution—they are leading it. This recognition as the top AI & ML company of 2024 by CIO Review affirms Mosaic’s role as a key innovator in the AI and machine learning space, continually pushing the envelope in analytics development and reinforcing its leadership in continuous innovation. 

Source: Mosaic Data Science