Mosaic Data Science and Spare Parts & Gasoline Forge a Transformative Alliance to Revolutionize Business Performance Through AI

The Alliance will redefine how businesses approach their innovation, strategy execution, and business transformation needs with AI and ML.

Spare Parts & Gasoline and Mosaic Data Science are pleased to announce a Strategic Alliance. The Alliance will redefine how businesses approach their innovation, strategy execution, and business transformation needs, leveraging the transformative power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“We are not just forming a partnership; we are spearheading a movement,” said Matt Brinton, Managing Director at Mosaic. “Together with Spare Parts & Gasoline, we are poised to unleash the untapped potential of businesses and their people, driving forward with innovation, agility, and a relentless focus on solving our clients’ toughest problems.”

The Alliance brings together Mosaic’s technical implementation capabilities with Spare Parts & Gasoline’s approach to enabling rapid change. This powerful combination will transcend the traditional barriers seen in many corporations for bringing big projects to life while harnessing the power of data. It has the power to unlock new potential across a variety of industries including energy transition, oil and gas, artificial intelligence (AI), transportation, manufacturing and many more. 

Mosaic most recently led an industrial manufacturing firm through the process of enhancing its customer experience by addressing the cumbersome process of navigating extensive operating manuals for complex machinery. By building a custom AI-enabled search assistant, they helped to streamline access to information, allowing users to interact with the digital assistant through natural language voice and text commands to retrieve information efficiently and effectively. Learn more here.

Additionally, Mosaic, working in conjunction with Spare Parts & Gasoline’s now CEO, tackled a project to solve a common issue in the mining industry by standing up an innovation sprint. Lack of immediate insights into shovel operator performance metrics created lagging assessment. The team introduced a real-time feedback solution to bridge the gap. The solution gives real-time visibility into performance metrics which enables operators to track progress, self-manage tasks, and enhance decision-making. Ultimately, this visibility drives operational excellence. Learn more here.

Shawn Mahoney, CEO of Spare Parts & Gasoline, added, “Our collaboration with Mosaic represents the next step in Spare Parts & Gasoline’s quest to bridge the gap between potential and performance. Mosaic Data Sciences’ expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning is vital to us helping businesses solve hard problems quickly, with a trusted technical advisor in this space.”

The synergy between Mosaic Data Science’s cutting-edge technological solutions and Spare Parts & Gasoline’s holistic, human-centric approach heralds a new era for clients seeking to lead in their respective industries.

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About Spare Parts & Gasoline: Spare Parts & Gasoline is a consultancy movement driven by the mission to unleash human potential and solve complex business challenges through innovation, strategy, and execution.

Source: Mosaic Data Science